WTS: Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) PWS and AD Package


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Hi All,

I am looking to sell off a bridal package that I had recently signed from Thomson Wedding Collection bridal shop at Tanjong Pagar Road. AD

We had to let go as I realised that the selection of gowns at TWC are not suitable for me.

The package is $3999 + 7% GST and so far we had paid a total of $3,423.14.

Below are the package details and prices are negotiable. :)

Actual Day
1 Wedding Bridal Gown (can be from international design or local design selection)
(For gowns - NO TOP UP NEEDED as we’ve negotiated to be able to choose from all collections - subjected to the availability of the design exclusively handpicked by Pronovias as the sole distributor for their premium wedding gown collection)
2 Groom's suit rental
1 Actual Day Bridal Hand Bouquet
2 Corsages for Him and Her
4 Corsages for Him and Her Parents
1 Bridal Car Decorations
2 Following Car Ribbons

2 gowns (1 white gown + 1 evening gown from AD) + 1 Outdoor Gown for outdoor shoot
2 suits for Groom (this suit will be the same as AD)
1 Kua and Pao (Value $380)
3 makeup styles for studio and hairdo
Indoor + outdoor locations
10 hr Studio & outdoor photography (9am - 7pm)
Transport not included
30 photographs in a 12'' x 30'' Grande wedding album. (Increased from 20 to 30 photos negotiated. Value $750)
1 16” x 20” framed enlargement portrait OR 8 in 1 frame
1 8” x 10” framed tabletop portrait
Soft copies of selected photos in CD

Not included:
Early surcharge and OT at $80/hour
Night photography will incur additional $250

Do give me your email/PM me if you're interested and I will PM you back, thank you! :)


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Hi All,

Not sure how to edit the post, but the Actual Day also includes 1 more evening gown and KUA (so total 1 White Gown, 1 evening gown and 1 KUA).