WTS: Taiwan Keelung City - Cannes Pre-Wedding/Family Photoshoting Package

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  1. Lsb

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    Cannes Wedding Photo Studio

    Package (transferable) include:

    Part of shooting (1 day shooting)
    - 20 inch album with 36 sheets of photo
    - 36 sheets of softcopy photo burn in CD
    - 1 selected photo for enlarge with 30 inch frame
    - Indoor/outdoor shooting (total 10hrs shooting time in one day, north taiwan)
    - free outdoor night shooting
    - free modeler designate fee
    - free digital edit
    - free upgrade album to PVC full page
    - free retake if not able to select 36 photos
    - if family package (free children suit), free Ferris wheel style frame (6 photos)
    - if pre-wedding package, free Ferris wheel style frame (6 photos) + 10 inch photo frame + Signature silk (up to 2 photos) + 400 thank you postcard

    Part of Make-up & Gown for shooting
    - include eyelashes, jewelry and accessories
    - 6 kinds of make-up style
    - 6 suits of gown and evening dress
    - 4 sets of men suits
    - allow photoshooting with own clothes

    Optional (pay when you request)
    - outdoor shooting plus moderer
    - extract revitalisant
    - extra. 14 soft copy photos with special price
    - car rental for 10hrs (shooting day)
    - some outdoor shooting request which required entrance ticket
    - album freight fee
    - Nu bra

    Valid for 10years till 2027

    Original price: SGD4xxx
    Able to negotiate till promotion price: SGD1xxx
    - deposits: paid around 10%
    - until end of this year 2017: need pay remaining up to 50%
    - Last 50%: will wait till actual shooting day pay at Taiwan.
    ** Price can't disclose here due to agreement, please PM me here for contact to know more info if you are interested.

    Reason to lets go: Dicision changed to take photo at other country.


  2. Lsb

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    Some of the outdoor shooting place recommended path:
    thumbnail_路線34.jpg thumbnail_路線12.jpg thumbnail_路線56.jpg
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    Hi, nice to meet you.
    Already sent you an email, please check.
    Thanks :)
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    Hi, please kindly pm the details. Thanks
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    Hi huaysun, nice to meet you.
    Already pm you :)
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    Hi there, Is the package still available?! I am interested. Please pm me the price. Thanks
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    hi Junexng,
    Still available, please check ur inbox :)
  9. MissyA

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    Hi, please pm me the details and your best price quote. Thanks
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    Hi MissyA,

    Nice to meet you. :)
    Already PM you, please check your inbox.


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