WTS : Sweet & Retro ROM gown

dearest btb,

I bought this gown but decided to hold my ROM + dinner together. Therefore do not require this gown anymore. Bought it off the rack during a gown shop sales at $50+. Willing to let it to sincere btb & price is negotiable. I can pay for the postage fee too. Just do not want to waste this gown.. It's really nice.. sweet & retro type with lace & it's puffy type. contact me for fast deal at : nine.six.eight.six 9.six.nine.one

Please refer to following photos:



Finally can post..here is the photo..price negotiable if u like..as mentioned,jux do not want to waste this beautiful gown..


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The above is given to me after checking with the shop earlier. Hope it helps for you..

although size is L but it can fit m size too.. cause can be alter..