WTS: SILK MakeUp Base Ampoule ($6/vial or $30 for 6 vials)


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Hi there! I have 6 extra SILK makeup base ampoules for sale. kiasu, so bought too many sets to stock up in case.
Selling at $6 per vial (bought it at $7 per vial) or $30 for all 6 vials
Expiry date: May 2018

Details - serves as a pre-makeup base (formulated in USA). To be used before make up during photoshoot and on wedding day. Depending on individual, the entire wedding process may use up to 6 vials for both bride & groom (2-3 for pre wedding photo shoot, 2-4 for AD, of cos depending on whether you are doing lunch/dinner and whether the groom wants to put makeup. My SO used ampoule cos the MUA is not following us out so best to ensure the makeup stays). Can just pass to MUA and they will know how to apply (usually they charge about 25-30 bucks per vial if you use theirs). Personally used it and it seems quite lasting. if in doubt, can check in with your MUA =)

The ampoule is stored in glass vial so will deal via meet-up (boonlay / cityhall / bedok). Interested parties can PM me =D