WTS: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot & Actual Day Wedding Gown/Suit Package


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Vendor: Blue Bay
Package inclusive of: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot & Actual Day Wedding Gown/Suit

Blue Bay Wedding Package (Valid until 2022):

1) Wedding Photoshoot in Taiwan or Singapore (Or other countries subject to top-up)
- 36 selected photographs in PVC photo album
- 1x Canvas Photograph in Carved Frame 90" x 90"
- 1x Crystal Frame for 10" Photo
- 1x 4x5 Ferris Wheel Photo Frame Decoration
- 1x Softcopy of all selected Photographs
- 1x Guest Book
- 400 pcs Exquisite Thank You Cards
- 4 styles of Bride's Wedding Gown and Evening Gown (Can select from any collection, including their premium line) + 1 Couple Outfit (Optional/Bring your own)
- 4 styles Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle
- Bridal Veil, Hair Ornaments and Gloves
- 2 set Groom's Tuxedo and Formal Suit
- Groom Waist Cummerbund, Shirt, and Boutonniere
- Can select any photographer and makeup artist
- Studio shooting and outdoor scene shooting for 1 whole day
* Other charges not included: Freight charges (for album to ship to SG), Space rental expenses (for outdoor shooting), Stylist with outside shooting (for stylist to follow you to your outdoor shooting), and Transportation for outdoor shooting.

2) Actual Day Wedding Gown & Men Suit
- 1x Wedding Gown (Can select from any collection, including their premium line)
- 1x Evening Gown
- 1x Tea Dress (Can select Chinese Kua if preferred)
- 2 sets Bridal Accessories with Headpieces
- 1x Makeup Artist
- 2 styles Actual Day Bridal Makeup with Hairstyle
- 2 sets Men Suit (not inclusive of shirt)
- Bridal Hand Bouquet
- 6 Flower Corsages
- Bridal Car Decoration
* Other charges not included: Ampoule $30/bottle, Eyelashes $20/pair, Early charges will be $50/hour if makeup services is to begin before 7am, 2-way transportation for makeup artist on actual day.