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Hi all,

due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be letting go of our package signed @ $3488 + GST with Seletar Broadway at the recent fair.
This is for open wedding date.
Deposit already paid $2140 - this is to be return to me (amount NEGOTIABLE)
Remaining amount will be settle by you to the Bridal shop.
**Receipt and invoice by the shop can be provided for verification if required**

Pre wedding shoot –
3 outdoor locations(day) - FOC nightshoot but have to be one of the outdoor location.
Transport to be provided to photographers - otherwise @ $150
1 indoor studio
1 Bridal Gown (open rack, all gowns are included)
1 Evening gown (night) (open rack, all gowns are included)
- note either one Bridal or Evening Gown can be made to measure & customized to your design from scratch FOC if you want, except Full lace gown
1 outdoor Gown
2 traditional Japanese/Korean wedding gown to choose from / change to Bridal gown if you want
2 Gent's Coat
One white shirt & a pair of custom made trousers - Trousers for you to keep

Photos -
32 selected pieces (12 X 30") – Wedding photo album
PVC sheet material
Selected photo will also be returned in CD/Thumbdrive
1 x (10 x 12" table top photo with frame)
1 x (20 x 24" canvas with frame) or 3in1 long photo type - similar duplicate poses
Extra picture: $70 + GST per picture
Studio make-up and Hairdo will be provided

Exludes -
eye lashes $25
Ampoule $30
Outdoor car $150
If make-up needed before 7am on actual day, top up $50/hr

Actual day -

Bridal Car-Decoration + Fellowers COY ribbons
Bridal bouquet with 6 pcs corsage
Bridal make up and Hairdo (Morning+Night, one time trial make up)
Head Accessories: Veil, necklaces, earrings

1 Bridal Gown (as pre-wedding shoot chosen)
1 Evening gown (night) (as pre-wedding shoot chosen)
- note either one Bridal or Evening Gown can be made to measure & customized to your design from scratch FOC, except Full lace gown
2 Gent's Coat (as pre-wedding shoot chosen)
FREE rental of father's coat- 2 pieces
FREE rental of TEA dress or KUA
Include actual day photography (10 hours)from 7AM onwards, if earlier by an hour add $50 - All in CD

***Additional if required for ROM:
1 x ROM dress free rental
Actual day trial Make up & simple hair do can be used for ROM day if chose to
1 x Gent's cost/vest free rental

Please PM if interested for discussion/clarification.

Thank you and much appreciated.
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