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    hi all, I need to let go of a pre-wedding shoot package due to time restriction on my end (am not able to arrange for the shoot in time for my wedding). It's from a renowned taiwan studio with positive reviews and service quality which i'd strongly recommend based on personal experience. Here's the details of the package:

    - 1 day shoot (indoor + outdoor)
    - Wedding gowns x 5
    - Groom suit x 2
    - Makeup + hairdo x 5 styles
    - Wedding accessories included (brial veil, hair ornaments, earrings, necklace)
    - Canvas protrait, photo album with 12*24" photos x 36 poses

    - selection from VIP gowns collection at no additional charge
    - no time restriction for shoot if taken in taiwan (can discuss for other locations)
    - can request for top photographer with no additional charge
    - no additional charge for night shoot
    - no additional charge for putting on eyelash

    like typical packages, what is not included:
    - air ticket (for self only), transport for outdoor shoot (5 hour for 150)
    - ampoules (@ 25)
    - bringing stylist along for outdoor shoot (@230, whole day)
    - payable venue expenses (e.g. entrance fee to special photoshoot location)

    total nett @ 2580

    if keen, pls pm me by 13 Oct to secure transfer & amount.
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