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I just had my wedding 2 weeks ago on 2 July 2016 and now I have many items for sale :))

Photo shoot/ Photo booth Props:


1) BIG GLASS DIAMOND RING - REAL GLASS great bling to add to your photo shoot! Same prop used by JAY CHOU MTV 白色风车!! $18

2) UNIVERSAL STUDIO ACTION PROP - It's Chalkboard able to add your own words! Very unique and guests love them! $20

3) CHALKBOARD - you can write what to Instagram # for photos taken, or write love quotes!! Also can use for photo shoot with anything you write! Bought from TYPO, selling at $5

4) 20 over photobooth paper emotions props - KIDS LOVE them! The mustache, heart, Minnie Mouse hat, glasses especially! Will sell whole set of this for $5

5) WEDDING DAY BACKDROP BANNER - AMAZING BACKDROP for photoshoot! Romantic poems written! Can do outdoor photoshoot backdrop also! Comes with hemp rope for tying - cost me $35, selling at $20

6) ACHOR navy vintage with shelf - works great with VINTAGE THEME/ NAVY! you can lay it up and put small items on this!!! - $6 as there is small damage but can still work great as a prop!!

7) Prop RECORD DISCS - comes in a pair: "Im stuck with him" and "FOREVER <3" - people love it as its unique and brings out vintage style - $20

8) vintage Cage - Romantic white cage, the cage has a latch that you can open and put flowers in or lamp or anything! Bouquet not included as its already given out during bouquet toss!! - $12

9) HEART SIGN BOARD - from TYPO! selling at $10 - great photo shoot prop!!!

Most of the items can be used for WEDDING SHOOT/ anniversary shoot/ PROPOSAL SURPRISE DECOR/ DIY photo booth!!!

I have more items:

10) MR <3 MRS HEMP BANNER Material: HEMP [the same material for Gunny sack!] - VINTAGE, CLASSIC and RETRO LOOK! Size of each Letter Flag: 13x19cm Total Length: ~3metre long Weight: 70g retail cost $27. Used once for my own wedding decoration so selling off at lucky number ;) see my photo for my actual wedding set up - $18


11) Wedding Guest Book Marker For Signing - Purple And champagne. Purple And Gold Ink!!! Very beautiful ink colour against my wedding book which was brown colour!! selling all 3 for $18! One costs $12.90 on one local online wedding shop!


12) Super Pretty Dusty Pink + Purple Range Fake Flower Bouquet - Great For Bridesmaid And Brides And Weddings Bring yourself great blessing with this once used bouquet for my recent wedding! Super fairytale and dreamy look on photos! All my bridesmaid loved it and took photos with that! Moving overseas after wedding so have to sell off wedding items. A great keepsake for bridesmaid or maid of honour.... My maid of honour used the bouquet. Bought at $65 selling for a lot less! Comes with matching wrist flower (1st photo) and guys corsage so if also interested in wrist flower can add $2 each! 4 corsages and 2 wrist flowers available. Get whole set for $34!


13) Photogenic Beautiful Design Red Umbrella For Bridal Pick Up Wedding Day - For Bride Use Or Photoshoot Used for 15 seconds for my wedding day! Photo taken down from my wedding video!!!! Look how pretty it is on the screen Very great details to the umbrella, very durable and good material! It's so beautiful I don't bear to use it at all, and think other brides should also use it for blessings and beautiful effect!!! Got it at $49.90 (so chio I cannot withstand), so selling off after my wedding instead.


I have more items for sale so if you got anything you are looking for can let me know :)) Other unlisted items included:
  • Tea Ceremony Tea pot set
  • 3 Rabbit head band, 1 bow headband, 3 blue hawaii fake flower for around neck, 1 orange hawaii fake flower for around neck - used for one of the Gate Crashing games for Groom and brothers to have a sexy dance - the effect for our wedding video was sooooo good because it was colourful and it stood out from the rest of the games!

Can see my wedding video [click to watch] that featured some of the items for sale --- SUPER CHIO, Vintage and ROMANTIC <3

Can PM me here, or just direct to my Carousell page to talk to me :)))

Happy planning all brides! I took 1 year of planning, Had 1 ROM in Oct 2015, Morning gatecrash + Church wedding + wedding banquet 2 weeks ago AND an overseas wedding lunch just last weekend!

It gets crazy but it will be all worth it :))

Experienced Bride :D Haha
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