WTS post wedding items for diy or budget brides

Discussion in 'Home And Deco Stuff' started by Wp123, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    I jus had my wedding and I do have some stuff to sell at very low cost to budget brides or diy brides:
    1. Martell vsop x2 bottles unopened from box
    2. Wedding reception decor items — rustic wooden box, wooden pegs LED Lights, decorative lights, bride n groom dolls to tie to car n many others.. ( some to sell and I can give away some items if u get them)
    3. Extra bottles of wine to sell at 18bucks
    Please pm for more info. Happy to provide photos.

  2. Nicoleyan

    Nicoleyan New Member

    Hi may i know how much u selling the martell for?
  3. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    Hi hi! CAn pm me at 96885471.:) happy to discuss more.:)
  4. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    Hi! I am unable to pm u cos I think I’m quite noob at this.... please drop Me a msg Or pm me if u still keen!
  5. April9669

    April9669 New Member

    Hi, can you please pm some photos on the decor.
  6. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    Hi hi!!
  7. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    I think the file I have is too large. Ther is this error. Can u watsapp me at 96885471 pls? Ill send them all to u.. keen to let them go..:) thanks..

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