WTS Park Royal Pickering Dinner Package can be discuss on date for postpone

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by beauong888, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. beauong888

    beauong888 New Member

    Dear All, I have a dinner package at park royal pickerling for takeover. Can be discuss on date to postpone.

    Do look for me Eight twotwo 8 seven six 18.

  2. ClaireT

    ClaireT New Member

    Hi, can you PM me more details?
  3. miyaku

    miyaku New Member

  4. joel123456

    joel123456 New Member

  5. G_Neo

    G_Neo New Member

  6. coach12675

    coach12675 New Member

    hi i am keen. i have massage you ald.
  7. LAL5016

    LAL5016 New Member

    Pmed you
  8. MonsterEil

    MonsterEil New Member

  9. jeanniee

    jeanniee New Member

    Hi, please pm me
  10. Trafalgar

    Trafalgar New Member

    Hello, I’m interested. Pls pm details:)

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