WTS: OFFER! Wedding Banquet Dinner-Rendezvous Grand Hotel (Orchard) on 07/12/13(Sat)


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Hi, I am letting go of my banquet package(due to personal commitment) for Rendezvous Grand Hotel (In Orchard beside Plaza Singapura) on 07 Dec 2013 (Sat), dinner. Per table is only at $10xx NETT. I was informed the current year price per table is $60 more than what I have booked so this is a great bargain for couple looking to wed in Dec this year in a prime city location.

The good things about Rendezvous is it has just undergo a major renovation last year inside out so it is very gorgeous looking as compared to the year before. Secondly, there will only be your 1 wedding banquet for the night unlike other hotels which may hold 2-3 wedding banquets. Thirdly, it only has a min table of 18 which is good for small guest crowd and up to max 23-24 tables. Lastly, the price of $10xx is NETT price and its almost impossible to find another hotel wedding banquet (weekend dinner) in orchard at this price.

Check out the newly renovated Rendezvous Grand Hotel here: Grand Hotel Singapore | Hotel Accommodation Singapore | Rendezvous

I have already paid a $5k deposit and willing to transfer over at $3800. The date is fixed and non-exchangeable unless you willingly to pay current year per table price. I have already informed my hotel service manager my intention to sell away. Once couple confirmed we will discuss further at the hotel. Interested couple may email me at [email protected] or SMS to 9 . 1 . 9 . 0 . 1 . 1 . 0 . 4 . for more details