WTS: Multifolds AD PG+VG promo package/credits to transfer (Valid till Dec 2019)


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Hi all!

I have a promo package with Multifolds to let go as I do not need it anymore for my AD, hope it can benefit other couples :)

Original rates at $6880, Promo rate at 1k discount off package, negotiable

-10 hours wedding Photography by Senior (they can usually arrange 2nd photog complimentary)
-All photos Edited Artiscally
-Signature gift box with 3R prints
-90 Days Online storage

- 10 hours Videography
- 2 Videographers
- Signature gift box with 3R prints
- 90 Days Online storage
- 2 copies of Final Edited Movie
*Same day edit | about 3-4 minutes
*Movie | about 5-8 minutes

I can transfer the services separately, or if you would like to engage them for other services, I can transfer credits to you at lower rates.

Multifolds recently launched membership perks for brides so there will be discounts for you at vendors like The Nail Status, IDS Skincare etc.

Interested kindly comment/PM me :)