WTS love & co vouchers


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I have $200 Discount voucher with minimum spending $1500 to sell away (selling at $150)

Their wedding bands are usually more than $1500 so it is easy to hit their minimum spending in order to use the voucher

I have another $300 discount voucher with minimum spending $2500 to sell away too. (Selling at $250)

Can use to buy other Jewellery like necklaces , proposal ring etc too.

Expiry on May 2017

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*hint: Jewellery shops usually increase their price 1 to 2 times per year. I can check for you when they are most probably going to increase so you can quickly make a purchase before it increase! Plus, I can recommend you to one sales person at their main branch - ION. You might get slight discount or even freebies if I recommend you ^_^