WTS: La Fatte Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package


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La Fatte is one of the more renowned bridal photography studios from Taiwan. They owned an entire building in Taichung! You may come across them via Instagram, news or pop up wedding kiosk at town area.

We will send the receipt to you upon request, no obligation.
Validity : Oct 2024

Package includes:
1. Gowns - 4 sets for Ladies, Free Upgrade for 1 set
2. Suits - 4 set suits for Men (2 sets black and white, 2 sets theme clothes)
3. Photography - Indoor/Outdoor, no extra charge for night shoot
4. No OT charge if were to go Qing Jing or Xi Tou, but will need to pay for their accommodation
5. Flower bouquets provided
6. Hair accessories, veil, crystal earrings, eyelash extension, wigs, and nail polish are provided if needed
7. Makeup artist and hairstylist included for both bride and groom
8. All accessories and props in the studio are available for use at no additional charge

1. Wedding album (15x24") - 50 pcs
including UV Coated glossy photos, compressed book, 5 double-page spread photos and unibody album upgrade
2. Wedding portrait (24") - 1 pc, free upgrade for limited edition high quality piano finish frame
3. Table top autograph scroll - 1pc
4. Ferris wheel designed photo frame with multiple photos insertion
5. Free Thank You photo cards in a delicate wooden box for guest
6. Mini coffee table album (15") - 1 pc
7. Album able to choose limited edition

Complimentary :
1. Able to choose from any of the photographers
2. Choose your desired photos on selection day
3. UV coated glossy pictures worth $340
3. Lunch provided on photoshoot day

If anyone is interested to take over the package, please contact me at [email protected]
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