WTS: Judy Wedding Bridal Package


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Hi all. I've signed up with Judy Wedding 2 years back, and due to some reason, I have to sell the bridal package. Below are the details:-

1. Exquisite photo album in 18inch x 30sets
2. Canvas photograph, carved frame in 20inch x 24inch
3. 600pcs exquisite Thank you cards
4. 1pc crystal frame for 10inch photo
5. CD-ROM of all selected photographs (edited and un-edited)
6. 1pc ferris wheel photo frame
7. 1pc small photo album
8. 1pc signature signing poster (using selected photo from photoshoot)
9. 5+1 bridal gowns and 2 suits
10. 5+1 make-up and modeling
11. Studio shoot and out-door shooting for whole day, unlimited locations as long as along the way
12. Additional photo charge at SGD65 (can bargain with the photographer)

Additional to note:-
1. Actual day gowns provided, but to pay freight charges, unless they open a boutique in Singapore.
2. Does not include make-up artist on the go, air tickets, accommodation, space rental expenses and freight charges.

Fully paid at SGD2000, but willing to let go at a much lower price.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or SMS/Whatsapp me at 84821314.