Hi BTBs and GTBs!

My fiance and I are letting go of a pre-wedding shoot (PWS) and actual day gown and suit rental package from France Paris Bridal (法国巴黎). You can choose to do the PWS in either Taiwan or Singapore. Our friend will be doing the shoot for us instead and hence we decided to let go of our package. We got it 2 years back at a pretty good price.

Do leave a reply if you are interested and I can PM more details about the package. For serious buyers only and we are open to negotiations.

Thanks! :)

Hi BTBs and GTBs!

Am sharing some details of my package as below:

Pre-wedding photoshoot
15" horizontal or 24" vertical album with 36 photos
30" portrait with frame
CD- selected and edited photos
Thank you card 400 pieces
Table top x1
mini album x1 (only 22 photos printed)
signature scroll x1
ferries wheel x1
Bride: 5 gowns, can choose any from photoshoot area
Groom: 2 suit, one black one white
Necklace, Earrings, veil, hair accessories, fake flower bouquet, bow tie included
Studio + outdoor photoshoot

Other charges:
1. Charges for additional photos PM me if you are interested to find out more. We got it at a good price and I'm quite sure the price per photo has increased.
2. Makeup artist follow out SGD230 (NT5000)
3. Ampoule SGD30
4. Tranportation NT500 per hour
5. Entrance fee (if needed)
6. Freight charge for Taiwan album

1. can choose any gowns from photoshoot area without additional cost
2. can choose locations that you like
3. can retake if not satisfied
4. can choose photographer and makeup artist without additional charge

Actual day gown rental:
1- white gown
1- evening gown
1- tea dress
1- ROM dress
Accesories included
makeup and hairdo x2
suit x2 (not including white shirt)
Hand bouquet
6 flowers corsages
bridal car decoration
father jacket x2

Other charges:
1. Ampoule SGD30
2. Eyelashes @SGD20
3. before 7am start to makeup early morning charge SGD50 per hour
4. 4-ways transportation for makeup artist

Can choose any gowns without additional charge

Package has been paid for in full but we are open to negotiations. Do reply to this thread or PM me if you are interested to find out more! :)