WTS > France Paris Bridal Pre Wedding Shoot + Actual Day @ $3500 (Value: $6376)

Jojo Emily

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Hi all! I was served by the GM and got a really good deal. Unfortunately some change of plans, so my loss, your gain! Letting go both PWS + AD combined for a total of $3288! Just reach out via PM or 98286110 and ask away!


It’s 5 years so you have until 2028 to use it!


✅ 24-inch Photo album consisting 22 wedding photos!

✅ More than 100 photos taken of you both to choose from. Happy choosing!

✅ 1x Printed 20”x30” canvas photo with frame (with selection of frame design. Special size upgrade from 20”x24” photo size! Larger size successfully negotiated!)

✅ 1x CD-rom with all the selected photos

✅ 100pcs Thank-You cards 名姓片 (printed with your selected pics.

✅ 1x 10-inch photo in crystal photo frame
1x Ferris Wheel 摩天轮 (Insert printed photos to display on album table, special free add-on item, not in original package)

✅ 3x Bride Gowns (Wedding bridal gowns & Evening gowns, from all categories, including the award winning Pronovias gowns!

✅ Makeup & hairstyle change

✅ Complimentary loan of bridal veil, hair ornaments, gloves for Bride

✅ 2x Groom Tuxedo & Formal Suits

✅ Complimentary loan of waist cummerbund, shirt & boutonniere for Groom

✅ Studio/Outdoor Shoot for whole day (can shoot from morning to night. Negotiated that there is ZERO additional charge/OT fees if I wanna shoot night scenes. It was an additional add-on item written into our contract).

✅ Can select from range of photographer/MUA team… and yes negotiated to include options for Head Photographer with no need to top-up! (usually SGD500 top-up btw).

✨ I left the best at the end - can reshoot the whole indoor/outdoor day for free if not 100% to your satisfaction. Yes, this is written in the contract in black and white! And because we were served by the GM!


1. 1 x Wedding gown
2. 1 x Evening gown
3. 1 x Tea dress
4. Imported bridal accessories with headpieces x 2 sets
5. Men suits (for the groom) x 2 sets
6. Additional 1 suit for either groom or bride's father
7. Bridal hand bouquet (fresh flowers)
8. 6 flower corsages
9. Bridal car decoration


Now, usually this would cost $2688 + $3688. We managed to negotiate down to a very attractive price and for you, all in TOTAL, only $3288! (We paid more than that but letting go even cheaper)

Just reach out via PM or 98286110 and feel free to ask any qns!