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  1. AmandaQ

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    Letting go my AD gown package as per below:
    1. Wedding Gown (Rental)
    2. Evening Gown (Rental)
    3. Tea Dress/Kua
    4. 2x Groom Suit
    5. Morning make-up + Hair do (After 7am)
    6. Lunch make-up + Hair do
    7. Free trial make-up
    8. Bridal bouquet (fresh flowers) + 6x corsages
    9. Bridal car decoration (silk flower) + 4 sets of following car’s ribbons
    10. 2x father jacket rental
    Deposit (Paid): $856 (inclu GST)

    Package is for 2019 wedding and there will also be a flexibility to include PW photoshoot if needed. Feel free to take over package by paying deposit. PM if you are interested. :) Alternatively, contact me @ 98566171 or mangling_648@hotmail.com

  2. Angu17

    Angu17 New Member

    Hi I’m interested
  3. AmandaQ

    AmandaQ New Member

    Hi do drop me a mail @ mangling_648@hotmail.com or Telegram @aaaamaaaandaaa :)
  4. Raylim

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  5. Selenayang

    Selenayang New Member

    Hi, Please PM details. Thank you.
  6. libraangel

    libraangel New Member

    Hi! Can PM me the price and details please ?
  7. risatly8868t

    risatly8868t New Member

    Hi, is this package still available ?:) Am interested !
  8. BadKitty

    BadKitty New Member

    Hi, is it still available? can you PM me the details?
  9. Sherry3136

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  10. kyfei

    kyfei New Member

    Hi! Is this still available? able to PM me more details? Thank you :)
  11. Vally

    Vally New Member

    Is it still available? I would like to check the amount to top up for pg and vg.
    Please email me at valerie_on@hotmail.com
  12. TNEK

    TNEK New Member

    Can PM the package price? Thank you !

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