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Almost New Destinee Diamond Ring!

Photos attached at the bottom posts.

This Destinee Diamond Ring has only been worn for a few hours during the wedding ceremony and has never been worn again as my wife feels that its too expensive so she is worried she may damage it if she wears it during normal days. So the condition of it is as good as New.

The retail value of this ring is about $9800 when I purchased it and similar specs Destinee Ring now is probably more expensive due to their yearly inflation. However I managed to get it using Staff price. Thus I'm selling this at 40% off retail price at $5880.

I'm willing to meet up at the Lee Hwa Ion Orchard Branch (Since they are one of the biggest branch and also located in city center) so that they can verify the Authencity of this Destinee Diamond Ring.

I have spent more than a year of researching and shopping for Diamond Rings before I finally bought this Perfect Diamond Ring.

It comes with all the things you see in the photos. The photos however are unable to show how beautiful this perfect diamond ring is.

The specs are as follows: Carat: 0.51 Color: D (Best color you can ever find) Clarity: VS2 Cut: Perfect Cut (Ideal Diamond) Cert: AGS Certification

For buyers, please go and check out the prices of a Destinee Ring that has D color and which is more than half a carat. If you can find one that the original retail price is less than $9000, please let me know, I will refund you your money.

Grab it before others do. Such deal will never come again! Low ballers please avoid.

Please sms 93399099 to deal.

Actual Photos

1431059683209.jpg 1431059701046.jpg 1431059721250.jpg
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