WTS: Bridal Concept PW + AD + AD PG


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Photo Album
12’ x 15’ - 35 pcs photo with album (Acrylic)
20’ x 24’ - 1 pc photo with frame & Canvas OR 3-in-1 portrait frame
8’ x 10’ - 2 pcs table TOP with frame
CD soft copy (selected photos only - 35)
AD PG 10hrs - includes all soft copies return

3+1 costumes
Bridal make up & hairdo
Indoor studio photo shooting
Local outdoor photo shooting (2-3 locations, FOC night shoot) - make up artist not following for outdoor, own transport required

Actual Day
1 x wedding gown (free choice)
1 x evening gown
1 x Kwa (FOC)
Includes all accessories

2 x groom suits

Bridal make up (Trial, AD morning & Night)
Bridal Bouquet (6 corsages)
Car Decoration
*Accessories are provided for photo shoot and AD.
Exclude eyelashes & ampoule. (@ $20 each)
$10 surcharge for fixed eyelashes provided by customer

2 x Father’s jacket rental
2 x mother’s evening gown rental
ROM dress & suit rental (FOC, trial make up utilise for ROM & simple hair do @ shop. Surcharge applicable to go to house.)