WTS - Alisha & Lace AD Package @ SGD 2344


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Hello! Would like to sell this package as found another bridal studio to rent from
Alisha & Lace has new dresses coming in June / July, so if you are renting during or after that period, there are nice fresh new dresses to choose from!

Total package price - $2,688 (original value / price $3,688)

I have paid $1344 deposit, willing to let go for $1000
Buyer would have to cover rest of the package

Package includes:
- Wedding Gown 1 set with veil (off the rack, all tiers)
- Evening Gown or Cheong Sam or Kua 1 set (off the rack, all tiers)
- Gent suits 2 sets (off the rack, all tiers)
- Fresh flower bouquet x 1 with Corsage x 6
- Bridal car decoration x 1 with Following car ribbon x 2

I have not chosen any AD gowns with them yet, no gown confirmation so far thus you will not have to pay any gown change fees or surcharge

Additional Charges
(these are NOT included in the package, more of an FYI)
- $380 for 1 session of makeup with hairdo
- $500 for 2 sessions of makeup with hairdo
- Transport claim for makeup artist (2 to 4 way)
- Early surcharge: before 7am $100 per hour, per person
- Ampoule $30 /bottle (this is common to have for bride makeup)
- False eyelash $20 per pair
- MUA surcharge $150 for separate day
- Gown changeable after confirmation with surcharge of $500 per gown
- Deposit of $1200 in cash to be paid on collection day. Upon return of goods, deposit will be refunded

Please do consider, thank you! :)