WTS: Alisha & Lace AD gown package


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Package details as follows:

Bridal Boutique: Alisha & Lace Singapore (can check out their SG & Taiwan FB & IG account)

AD gowns & suit package selling at: SGD$2500 nett(total package worth $3688)

AD (outfits):
- Wedding Gown 1 set with veil (exclusive collection; all tiers- negotiated)
- Evening Gown 1 set (exclusive collection; all tiers- negotiated)
- Gent suits 2 sets (The Old Fashion House)
- Kua or cheongsam 1 set (negotiated)
- Fresh flower bouquet x 1 with Corsage x 6
- Bridal car decoration x 1 with Following car ribbon x 2

I have not chosen any AD gowns with them yet, no gown confirmation so far thus you will not have to pay any gown change fees or surcharge

package valid for 3 years from 2/12/2023

Additional Charges (these are NOT included in the package, more of an FYI)
- $380 for 1 session of makeup with hairdo
- $500 for 2 sessions of makeup with hairdo
- Transport claim for makeup artist (2 to 4 way)
- Early surcharge: before 7am $100 per hour, per person
- Ampoule $30 /bottle (this is common to have for bride makeup)
- False eyelash $20 per pair
- MUA surcharge $150 for separate day
- Gown changeable after confirmation with surcharge of $500 per gown
- Deposit of $1200 in cash to be paid on collection day. Upon return of goods, deposit will be refunded

Please do consider, thank you! :)