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Discussion in 'Bridal Gowns and Wedding Packages' started by Yanz:), Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Yanz:)

    Yanz:) New Member

    Hi BTB,

    There is a change of plans to have my actual wedding done overseas.

    I wanna sell my Whitelink AD package. Below are the brief details. PM me for price and more information.

    AD package (open date)

    1) White Gown x 1
    2) ROM dress x 1
    3) Tea Dress/ Kua x 1
    4) Night Gown x 1
    5) Groom Jacket and Pants x 2
    6) Trial Make up and AD Makeup & Hairdo(including accessories)
    7) Fathers Jacket x 2
    8) Fake Flower Corsage x 6 (Can have more)
    9) Bridemaid Hand Corsage x 6 (can have more)
    10) Car deco and Follow on car Decos

  2. elaine yeo

    elaine yeo New Member

    hi how much is the package and how much are u letting go at?
  3. Yanz:)

    Yanz:) New Member

    Hi Elaine, have pm-ed u
  4. Lilteddy1314

    Lilteddy1314 New Member

    How much is it and how much are u selling?
  5. Yanz:)

    Yanz:) New Member

    PM-ed u <3
  6. Yanz:)

    Yanz:) New Member

    Emailed you =)
  7. jimmytzhh

    jimmytzhh New Member

  8. mjess

    mjess Member

    Hi, can pm me the pricing? Thanks
  9. 3viper

    3viper New Member

    Hi can pm price pls. Thanks!
  10. Yanz:)

    Yanz:) New Member

  11. Chloe Fang

    Chloe Fang New Member

    Hi, is this still available? can let me know the price? Thanks!
  12. 3viper

    3viper New Member

    Hi can PM price pls? Thanks!
  13. Heee

    Heee New Member

    Hi! Can pm the price? Also are they flexible with changing some of the items on package?
  14. bitterlemon

    bitterlemon New Member

    can email me the pricing. virtualrollercoaster@gmail.com
  15. Doggu

    Doggu New Member

    Hi pm price pls thanks

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