Wts AD & ROM/Church photo package


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Hi all,

Looking to sell 2 packages that I have for AD and also for ROM/Church, good for 2020 weddings as well. Pls email or call me for more info.
[email protected] / 96542973

By Elevated Productions, looking to let go at 1788 (slight nego). Paid 1k deposit, balance of 888 due to them. Just need to transfer me 900, you'll save 100 bucks. This promo is no longer available and 2020 prices will be increased as well.

-10 hours photography
- 10 hours videography
- Return of all edited photos
- Same day edit
- Full day edit
- Free Childhood Montage
- Unlimited 2 hours photobooth (Inclusive of setup, props,
backdrop, lighting)
- Return of all softcopy photobooth photos.
- Customized photobooth photo template.
(Early surcharge of $100 applied for before 7am)

By FR Studios 3hrs PG & VG good for ROM/Church, looking to let go at 600. Deposit paid of 375, balance 375 due to them. Just need to transfer me 225 so you'll save 150 on this package. Can add on hours as well.

Photo montage, video highlights, compiled footage of videos, 300-600 images, personalised USB, 20 days service delivery.

IMG_20190705_061438.jpg IMG_20190705_061517.jpg
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