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Hi all BTB

I’m letting go of my makeup package for actual day.

Makeup studio: Autelier Makeup Studio
Artist: Julie Kim
Package Inclusive: 2 Fresh makeup and hairstyling for brides + Trial session makeup (2 weeks before actual day) at just $700

Pm me if you are interested IMG_2897.JPGIMG_2905.JPG


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Hello everyone, I was a silent reader all these times and never made an account. But I found this website was really helpful during my wedding preparation last October so I decided to make an account to post here. I've been a makeup enthusiast since 7 years ago and doing makeup for my friends and family on important occasion. I just decided to be a professional make up artist because I love make up soo so much! For you who'll get married until June 2019, I have promoted price for bride for only $150, incl. make up and hair do (incl. glowing skin care, eyebrow shaping, eyelashes, transportation fees, makeup service at the location of your choice, and hair extension if necessary). If you are interested, just ping me thru [email protected] and see my work on Instagram @makeupbyibel . You can just consult with me first look you want, be it natural, Korean glass, red carpet glam, anything :)

Anyways aside from the info I mentioned above, if you have more budget, I highly recommend my MUA on my wedding, her name is Stephy Ng (her instagram is @stephyngmakeup). When she charged me this year, it was $360. She's really good! However, she didn't include the glowing skin care. When I did my wedding trial make up with her, my skin was awful. Then I did my own research and I found my formula to be applied before her make up. I also applied my own primer and fix setting spray on my wedding throughout the day. The result was extremely good, I didn't have any touch up, but the make up went so strong until the next 14 hours.

To all brides-to-be, I know how it feels and hope the mentioned info above will be helpful for you. JIAYOU!!! *virtual hugs