WTS $5,000 Larry Jewellery Voucher. Can be used to buy wedding rings, necklaces etc.


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Hi, I'm selling my Larry Jewellery voucher that I had won in the 2017 Paragon Christmas Lucky Draw.

More details below.

Value of Voucher: $5,000

What can it be used to buy?
It can be used to make in-store purchases at any Larry Jewellery outlets (Paragon and Ion Orchard). Anything from rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Larry stocks a lot of precious gems like Lazare diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc, and it can do a wide variety of settings in gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum etc.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see images at the end of the post.

Is this legit? How did you get it?
Yes it is real. We can go to the Paragon outlet with you to verify with the staff that the voucher is authentic.

We had purchased our engagement and wedding ring sets there and had participated in the lucky draw and subsequently won the voucher.

Why not use the voucher yourself?
Cos we don't need the voucher as we have settled all the necessary wedding jewellery stuff.

Also, we just wanna spread some LOVE AND JOY to another couple looking to get hitched, or to someone who wants to surprise a loved one with some good quality bling.

I've never heard of Larry Jewellery, are their gems / jewellery good or not?
Larry is a fine jewellery brand that has established itself via word-of-mouth rather than through heavy advertising. If you check them out, they were established in 1967 in Hong Kong and came to Singapore in 1979. Main store is at Paragon, and it has an outlet at ION.

Their longevity does say something about the quality of their products and service. In my personal experience, their service and product are beyond awesome. The staff were really patient and dedicated to quality (it took them like 2 months to hunt down the right stone for me based on my specifications - cut, clarity etc).

E.g. of accolades it has won: Best Luxury Accessories - Jewellery (Premium) Award by Singapore Tatler, and Excellent Service Award by Singapore Tourism Board.

Do note that they specialise in precious gems, e.g. diamonds, sapphire, ruby etc. They have a range of Japanese pearls too I think.

So if you are looking for items like a 925 gold pendant, you are better off checking out Lee Hwa or Tian Po. If you want gems, pick Larry's.

Ok, how much are you selling the voucher for? Is the price negotiable?
Selling at $4,300. Price negotiable. Pm me to discuss.

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