WTB wedding venues for 23 Sept 2023


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Hi, I am letting go of my banquet package at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La on 16 September'23 (Saturday)

You can reach me via my mobile at 96831595 for more details.

Marcus Aw

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Dear all,
looking for wedding package for 23 Sept 2023, do PM me if you are looking to sell!
Would u want to buy/takeover my wedding lunch?

Date: 23/09/23, Saturday lunch (it is a hot auspicious date)
Venue: St Regis Caroline Mansion (luxurious standalone hall)

Package rate is 2022 price before GST and price hikes (almost 11% higher in 2023). For min 120 pax (max 150 pax).

If you are truly interested, please contact me fast at [email protected] or whatsapp 91598462


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WTS Wedding Package @ IRIS for 300 pax on 10 August 2024

hi everyone!

me and my fiancé are selling our wedding package from IRIS @ city plaza. we were quoted $13,932 inclusive of GST for 300 pax, 10th of August, 6pm - 10pm.

reason for selling is we decided to do a small and private ceremony of our own.

we signed the wedding package during the promo month which was before ramadhan, which is cheaper and had more items including dj & emcee, 2-tier wedding cake etc. (pic attached) the usual price for 300 pax is about $15k+

we’ve done 2 payments so far of $3k so balance is still $10k+.

we’re selling it off for $2k (price is negotiable) and the remaining payment to be done by whoever who decided to take it over.

lmk if anyone is interested


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