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Would love to rent a chalet to host our wedding reception / party for our family and friends for about 100 pax.

Called CSC Changi and they said that some corporate fully booked all chalets for the weekend / week we were looking for in September 2024. Is this allowed?

Online they say that can only book 120 days in advance and it is more than 120 days. Could someone please help and advice.

We are already spending quite a bit for our traditional wedding and hence would like to do a small scale reception / party for our family and friends.

We are looking to only rent 1 chalet and do some garden theme deco with the lawn etc. Please help!!! Any help / comments are appreciated.


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Maybe you can try Chevron, NSRCC, D'Resort or NSHometeam Bukit Batok. They have those 2 storey bungalow for rental. Otherwise some smaller function place? They have excellence event hall for rental and it's in expensive. Hope this helps!