WTB: Wedding Package for 7 May 2017


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Hi Everyone,

Really looking for a wedding package (preferably lunch!) for Sunday, 07 May 2017. Solemnisation not needed, open with locations and food types.

Please reply to this thread or e-mail me at fatpenguin25gettingmarried[at]gmail.com with your current packages!

Yes, this fat penguin is getting married before she heads to a new colder climate and she would LOVE to have your warm lovely wedding packages ❤


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Letting go my wedding banquet this for this coming 17th Dec 2017.

Venue: Hotel Jen (tanglin) 4 star
22-25 tables.
$1188nett per table
2 night stay
2 rooms
Free beer
Free wine
Free cockage
35% parking

For more info please contact:
82225048 - Gabriel Lee