WTB/Recommendations: AD photography and Videography


Hi, I am looking for actual day photography and videography only. Doing pre wed overseas. Skipping gate crash.... but I have a church lunch and also a wedding dinner.

Kindly reply or email if u want to sell your package or know of any good ones around! Thanks!


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I would like to sell a wedding AD photography package by one of the top wedding photographers in Singapore, for a very good price of $3,800, $700 below current 2016 price, even more savings from 2017 price. I have paid a 50% deposit for the package, and willing to let it go for an additional $200 off, thus $900 savings for anyone willing to take up the package from me.

Would prefer not to reveal the photographer’s name and package, kindly private message me for further details. The package would work if your wedding is before June 2017.

Photographer has been very professional and friendly to us. Due to unforeseen change of plans, we are letting this package go. But rest assured that there is no animosity between us and the photographer. If anything, it is our fault that we are letting this go. Photographer is highly rated in Singapore with numerous positive online reviews.

You may contact me at [email protected] if you might be keen. :)