WTB: Actual day (AD) /Photography /Videography for 2024 (discussion in forum/pm first only)


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Sincere readers only,

I'm looking to purchase Actual Day and/ or Actual Day Photo& Videography for possibly MAY or SEP 2024.

Kindly include the following details and your quotations if you're letting them go. Discounts or goodwill transfer only; not willing to buy at cost.

1. Actual Day
- Kindly include the number of gowns, make up, hairdo& any additional charges (before 7am etc)

2. Actual Day Photo& Videography
- Kindly include the number of hours (looking at around 10hrs)& any additional charges (before 7am etc)
-no. of copies edited/non edited

As detailed as possible for comparison, thank you!


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Hello! I’m selling Actual Day Gowns + PG + VG

2 gowns (1 wedding gown - latest design, 1 evening gown)
1 suit
Bridal makeup + Hair styling x2

Photography and Videography - 8 hrs

Additional costs - before 7am services - $50/hr
OT - $100/hr

Original price of package -$3688
Current selling price -$3000

Can WhatsApp me at 96672966


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Hello! I am looking to let go Actual Day Photo (10 hours) & Videography (9 hours) at a discount, are you still looking for AD PG&VG?