Would you want to keep in touch with your EX?


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Y not?? Its not as if we can't be frenz after we broke off...Its only the matter of whether you know how to draw a clear line with him a not...


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I tried to stay contact as frens with my ex. But his immature thinking led me with no choice but to "disappear" totally from him.


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i wan still in contact. we are still friends... even when we meet up together with other friends, my hubby also come along. i even invite him to my wedding also.


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whenever a relationship starts, being friends are the initial stage.
some ex are better to remain as friends stage.
i did still in contact with some of mine while others are very 'xiao qi' to keep in contact.


What if you were supposed to ROM liao and yet your ex zao sai, do you still want to keep in touch with them?


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yes i am still communicating with my ex.
just friendly communication. Asking hows life going thats all nothing more..


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No, no! I mean, WHY ON EARTH should I want to keep in touch with them???
Usually, I'm happy they're out of my life for good!

I do not keep in touch with them either, but some people do.
i think there no reason to communicate with your ex.
let's not do something that could flame up issue between you and your partner,.

mine is just an opinion.