Worst eyebrow embroider.


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I had an extremely unpleasant eyebrow embroidery experience with Classy Beauty. This shop used to be at City Plaza. Now it moved to Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Ave #03-34 S(239924). The lady just wanted to make money. First she suggested that I should laser away my old embroidery and embroider later. Thinking that she could do a good job, I signed up for the unlimited laser package. After she lasered for a few times, she persuaded me to start my embroidery. There were still red stains left behind by my old embroidery. Thinking that she could cover up my red stain, she embroidered totally asymmetrical eyebrows that could not even conceal my red stains. I told her that my embroidery was asymmetrical. She refused to correct and insisted that it’s because of our asymmetrical heads. When we embroider our eyebrows, we expect to cover our flaws. Instead, she magnified my flaws. It’s not my first time embroidering my eyebrows and she is the worst I ever met. When I told her about the red stain, she also lasered off part of embroidery and wanted to charge me another $80 for touch up. If she has done a good job, there is no need to touch up or laser away. This is so ridiculous. She ruined my eyebrows!


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I just had my eyebrows done and it’s my first time. I went to a “well known” shop and had it done by a senior artist and the outcome was one brow straighter than the other. I texted the shop asking if this can be fixed but they’re telling me that uneven brows are normal and I have to walk around for a few months looking ridiculous until it is ready for touch up. Anyone knows if this is really normal? Cause to me, it doesn’t seem so and I’m really really upset about it. 6ACDA8D2-6EF6-4D55-B1C9-EB277D10BC09.jpeg


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