Window Grilles


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Dear All,

Before you do anything to your windows & window grilles, I would like to sincerely advise everyone to check with your local town council on whether you have to follow the exact same colour code for your windows & window grilles & the colour of the window panels.

For a very good e.g., HDB Blks located at Admiralty Drive are to follow the exact same colour code as the original for those units windows exposed to the public sight have to be in navy blue aluminium frame & with tinted blue colour glass. During the installation of the windows, your contractors must use stainless steels screws to secure the windows.


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I wan to do change my Main Door and Main Gate, also add Windows to my balcony. Is it expensive to do those? Anyone did it before? I stayed in 4 room flat at Telok Blangah Drive.
How much? I looking for reliable contractor.
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