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Hmmm did u ask him why he msg u "I'm engaged" and then 2 hrs later says he wants to start afresh?!

I dunno you or him personally so I do agree that some issues between a couple can only be understood by themselves. But sometimes when you lay everything on the table, outsiders will see it clearer than you simply bcos they're not in love. Although I do notice the forumers here tend to favor advising a split.

I completely understand what you're feeling. Your head and heart cannot agree?

Although I'm curious, what was the reason for the split? And why are you so sure there isn't a third party?


Soisuka, his "I'm engaged" probably means that he's engaged in something (ie. I'm busy). Of course, this being a wedding forum, the thought that he got engaged to someone else first crossed my mind.


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starting afresh could be referring to being 'just frens'... there's so much grey here, and u can't really tell which part is fantasy, which part is reality.


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"favor advising a split"

err... actually, they already split. The question is whether TS move on and hang there like a yoyo.