Who'd maintained weight loss for years? What are your tips? Please share with me...


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I am now asking not quick fix but maintain weight loss for years.I know it requires alot of discipline&effort.I am somebody who cant exercise regularly after i start my work because of busy schedule.

please give me some help.


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i always eat 2 pcs of plain wholemeal/multigrain bread for breakfast, normal lunch & go on low calorie late 'dinner' (cos i work long hrs) since i won't b walking around too much at nite.

for dinner, u can take fibre drink with large glass of water or eat 'tao huay' or small bowl of edamame (jap flat green bean) or small bowl of cornflake with skim milk (without adding sugar or other type of cereal). quite effective for maintaining wt if not slight loss of weight if u add in juz a bit more of exercise like walking (briskly) home etc?


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wow,k-mich!!! how long have you maintain it yet? how much have you lost? Could you share?

so u mean u take normal lunch like u eat normally with d food u like?


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there's a period where my wt went up to 44-45kg (used to b 41kg). now maintaining at 42kg. most weekend while trying to catch some sleep (wake up at 1 or 2pm), i end up taking 1 to 2 meals a day only - which means less calorie intake.

ya, normal food like char kway tiao, carrot cake, fast food, coffee (ask for less milk/sugar) etc...cos u hv a long day to burn the calories but strictly minimum food intake for dinner. juz eat enuf to avoid gastric prob.

if u only hv 1 proper meal, make sure it is nutritious or else take suppplement to avoid fatigue...


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For me, i went from a 61 to a current 48-50kg after a couple of years through tons of exercise and maintained by not eating carbo at night. Breakfast is cereal with milk, lunch is normal and dinner is normal with the exception of not taking rice.


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I refrain from eating carb stuff for dinner. so it is either veg or fruits.
Less flour stuff. and drink more water.(so you feel fuller) and less fried stuff.
Exercise is very important too. Got to burn off the extra calories or else they will accumulate to become fats. :p


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hi k-mich, soko& kk,

all of u r v disciplined!!! i cant...haiz...wanna lose wt but dun 1 2 follow this lifestyle!!!

u mentioned abt tons of exercise. wad did u do?


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hi springwater, skipping is VERY gd. few yrs ago when i took 2 weeks leave for my exam, i skipped abt 200x (both legs together) a day. when i returned to work, everybody said i look slimmer & my face 'sharper' if u noe wat i mean.


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completed in abt 5 mins...no breaks in-between.

ever heard tat 5 mins of skipping is equiv to 20 mins of running/jogging. so it's a gd cardio workout for pple who r busy. but not recommended for pple wif knee/ankle problems.


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hi k-mich,
u r really disciplined! I cun do that. Usually i have very huge crave when my menses are drawing nearer and i have to eat panbesy to curb my appetite. how envious...


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me too.. i always felt hungry during my menses. jus b more careful of wat u eat during those days.. pick those wif lower calories so tat u can eat more...


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Hi k-mich

besides skipping any other exercises you did?
I've been going gym for the past few months but results are just not there yet......at most dropped 1 - 1.5kg only and not more than that.

I'm now also trying to avoid carb for dinner but when menses coming, i got huge craving for chocolates!!!! sigh!!!


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Hi, i'm a newbie here...
k-mich, really interested know if you do skip everyday? Cuz I've been doing it but it seems stagnant on me.. I'm holding a desk-bound job and I've realised that tummy is a BIG prob which I am facing now. Any one has valuable advice on this? Been trying to rectify this prob from my food intake but I'm just cant resist those temptations from nice foods and choco.. FYI, I weigh 49 (Used to be 45/less and wish to go back to the usual) current and 165cm tall (I heard skipping increases height and I dont wish to grow taller) Thanks a million to all first


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Hi, springwater

first, i will do half an hour of jogging, followed by 15 mins of skipping and ending off with crunches. This went on for at least a month. However, one word of caution: i developed pretty muscular calves in which folks will always asked me : you run a lot hah?

But this regime was done last time when i was not working. now, no time and too lazy, so can only control diet.


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daphne, other than skipping, i've tried power yoga & my tummy did flatten during tat 3 mths...but due to schedule & distance, i've stopped. it's effective but very 'shiong'...

Andrea, i skip irregular nowadays as i'm too tired from working... dun worry abt growing taller if u r already in your 20s (won't grow taller anymore lah...haha. anyway, u can buy those low calorie choc from nature's farm or pharmacy...should help if u can't resist...


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i also do skipping ard 5 mins..200 times...but den fce no sharper leh..sianz..haa..but den tights more firm ba...

menes come sure to have craving...


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I just registered in here, went through the threads and came upon this.. So i have to tell my story..
I was once 57kg (ate and ate), happily in love .. than i realised that i have let go of myself too much and kept hiding it in loose T shirts .. so i decided to get back my slim, petite frame. I didnt go for slimming but i did it on my own,
Start with : Low Carbs
One or two slices of bread with egg or tuna
Eat Salad
Make ur own salad in the night, lots of veges , they keep u full and boiled breast meat. Use Thousand Island (Light), the low calorie one for taste
Go Gym
Twice to Three times a weak, no intense workout, work within ur pace, my routine are Threadmill, Bicycle, Than sit ups and the Row the boat one for arms.
As time gone by, left school and now work, no gym ... so i totally CUT CARBS, No rice, no noodles, no bread
CUT MEAT , no pork, chicken , beef ONLY FISH for my omega 3 oils and lots of tofu for the proteins and once a while eggs for proteins and calorie.. NO DAIRY, mliks, butter or cheese
I have matainted my weight for 5 years.. i range withing 44 to 46 (46 is when my period is coming and i feel bloated and eat a bit more)
BUT the bottom point is be DISCIPLINE, remember how hard u managed to cut all those fats and dun let them grow back


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hi all,

I read an article in a health magazine which says exercises not only keep one in shape, it is the only way to maintain a healthy HEART.

A healthy diet plus exercise or into never-ending dieting and slimming pdts? The choice is obvious.


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Jacqueline, your discipline is great but one advise - do include some dairy in your diet. very very unhealthy if no dairy at all. esp. milk to avoid osteoperosis.


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actually,.. iread to take protein more so we wunfeel hungry so easily,, but eat fish or leanmeat.. m=not fatty ones

eat less butmre meals to increase metobolism

take fruits and vege..

strawbeeries are good.. also can fight cancer


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yeah i totally understand what u mean by keeping the weight off! hahah well i've been taking some organic food n i've been on a healthy programme heheh so after i lost my 5kgs, never gained them back over these couple of years
feels great!


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Take small meals and if you can achieve the fact that you are not eating the chocolate , ice cream etc and when one day you find that you do not have the craving for it anymore, then you are successful in your dieting...but if you are still resisiting it...then you have to psyco yourself...

Eating somehow is at a stage of mind.You are what you eat...If wanna eat too much and wanna be slim, a bit difficult unless you have got high metabolism rate....

Hubby always say that if everyone eats like me, slimming centre will close down...hahaha


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hi guys.. saw tis thread.. i went up to 57kg during my teens, didnt realise the weight gain, just kept wearing loose clothes. Than one day i guess i woke up... now i am 43kg.. sometimes 44kg
I started by cutting RICE, BREAD, NOODLES.. basically carbo.. try one week and u will feel the difference. Than once my tummy is used to the small intake and i lost in inches, i felt more confident.. and than i stop eating meat except fish (high in omega 3 oils and good cholesterol), i managed to stop fast food (KFC, MAC, PIZZA etc)
Dun cut off carbo immediately, it will make fire and make u eat more, slowly cut down... train ur appetite to me small, than cut down on oily and fried stuff and once u managed to control ur intake, the next step is to maintain.. Not easy... well i have been this weight since 2000...at times i crave esp during those TIMES...


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But not eating carbo makes me unhappy. haha...I need carbo...no wonder I am 55 kg. But I think for people who want to lose tummy, not eating carbo or overly sweet food really really helps. Recently I joined gym and did like 18 hours per week of classes...and still as fat
Weird. I am not building muscles / losing inches. And I eat just slightly more lor...still healthy food. Dunno why.But I feel that going on a diet esp short term one is useless. Coz once u stop = weight gained (in my own experience). But if u can diet for life than is good bah.


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mus teat some carbo one.. cannot totally omit carbo..

actually i do not exercise at all.. but today someone saw me and ask if i go gym regularly.. i said no.. guess must be the protein supplement that n i take in .. it really help shape and tone up my body


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Exercise and Good diet!

It is advised to exercise at least 30mins each for 3 days a week. Swimming is a very good sports, I swim 10 laps twice a week, it does helps in keeping a good weight, stamina and tone up muscles.

Less meat and carbo but do not skip meals, 3-4 small meals are recommended.



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hey ladies, i posted this message here at the successful weight lost thread so if it does sound familiar.. ya u know where i'm getting at.. heehee..

First and foremost, I would like to share with everyone here about my struggle with body image and self esteem.

The reason why I’m sharing this today is because I can boldly say I’m someone who’s been there, done that, and still struggling with self acceptance. i still have my ugly days and fat days..Afterall I’m only human right?

I’ve never been that slim slender girl that I’ve always wanted to be. In fact I grew up attending TAF (Trim & Fit) club since I was 7. I spend my primary and secondary school life in an all girls SAP school where being overweight was unacceptable. Till today the world is still a cruel place where fat should never exist. Well, I grew up with a low self esteem thinking I have no right to live on this earth since I was a fatty.

When I turned 14, I started starving myself and even resorted to taking hydroxycut, xenadrine and laxatives.. My body reached a plateau and I was immuned to the effects of the medication. I tried all sorts of diet. Crash diet, cabbage soup diet, skim milk and oats diet, Cambridge diet.. all kinds of crap to speed up my weight lost. I was ashame of my body. I hated what I saw in the mirror. Over the years my weight fluctuate and increase. It was taxing on my body and on my mind.

One day I discovered bulimia. I entered that world and my life changed for the worst. I was 69kg standing at 156 at that time. In just 4 and a half months, I dropped to 47kg. I looked like a complete wreck but I got what I wanted- To be slim. Even though my throat hurt like mad, my knuckles had unsightly abrasion and mild bleedling, my cheeks were swollen and my eyes always puffy, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I was slim and I felt good even though my friends said I looked terrible. Bulimia took control of my life so much that I was hospitalized when my body couldn’t take it no more. I was put on the drip and stayed at TTSH for a week. I was put through counseling and medication to control my mood swings. I was depressed and attempted suicide many times. i thought my life was over becuase bulimia was my only friend.. i was so afraid of becoming fat again.. bad memories of people and relatives who mock me because of my weight kept coming back to me.. i felt like the ugliest and crappiest person in the world

After I was discharged I went back to church where my life changed. i started to smile more and slowly I gained a good 12kg. I was 59kg then. That year I interned at MTV and gained another 9kg in 6 months. Of course I felt like crap even though my then boyfriend, Des, did not comment on my ‘expansion’.

Des was a freelance personal trainer then. At that time I decided that I didn’t want Des to have a fat pig as a girlfriend. I kept thinking to myself ‘How can my boyfriend who’s a bodybuilder and personal trainer have a fatty as a girlfriend?†Even though he didn’t mind that I was meatier than him, deep inside I felt insecure, ugly, fat and useless.

I started with aerobics exercises at Amore. In 4 months I lost about 5 kg. My weight stopped reducing and I began to freak out. Des educated me in the importance of proper weight training instead of just cardio. He encouraged me to sign up at California Fitness where I could concentrate on proper weight training while enjoy my classes like Step Workout, Body combat and dance. With the help of a professional (Des of course), slowly but surely my body started to change. I adopted a healthy lifestyle and now working out is no longer a chore. I love it and have decided to dedicate my life to it.

I’m sharing only because I know what it feels like to be overweight or have body parts that I wish I could change. I know how cruel the world can be and how misleading the media is when it comes to beauty (hey I was a media student!).

i'm now over at the Novena branch where members are new.. those who have not seen me when i was fat said they couldn't believe that i used to be overweight when i told them i was in the past.. even though people tell me today that i'm slim or fit, i still feel insecure sometimes.. it's only normal to feel this way i guess

however, I truly believe that fitness can change your life. Nothing is Impossible and Impossible is nothing. If I can do it, so can you! i'm not saying it's going to be easy but when you get there, you'll never regret making all that sacrifices.. hey i'm a girl too.. so i know how it feels ya..

If anyone would like to know more or see some photos, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

babes, i forgot to add...

the importance is not how much u weigh but how much body fat u have.. i weight about 52 kg but poeple tell me that i look less than 50kg.. my body is holding about 42kg of muscles.. the other ten goes to fat, bone mass, fluid etc.. i take my 'in body analysis once a week to monitor the changes in my body..

so don't fret about the weight.. you wanna lose the fats, keep the muscles or even better increase lean muscles to boost your metabolism!! so u burn more while you're body is at rest..

oh yah, i try to eat clean and junk occassionally.. i work out 6 days a week.. it was tough in the beginning but when u see results you will be even more motivated to do it. trust me..
i've been maintaininy my weight since i've lost it.. right now i'm just forcusing on losing body fat and gaining lean muscles mass.. everyone's fitness goal is diff..

anything just ask me.. i really wanna help

GOd bless.. i'm off to church


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hey girls, just to share...

super abobais a slimming product that is tailored to individuals blood typing. they have four different types: A, B, AB, and O. so based on the type of blood group you have, you choose the product accordingly. eg: blood B you choose ABOBA "B". Therefore explains the name of the product: AB-O-B-A.

Since people with different blood types have different constitution, having diet that is suitable for your blood type can improve your digestion-system and advance your metabolism, which depletes unnecessary calories. According to different blood types, 4 formulas of SUPER ABOBA are developed and each formula is made by the food ingredients that are suitable for each blood type. Taking the formula that is suitable for your blood type can help you achieve desirable slimming result without changing your original diet habit.

because of the special formulae of the pills, there is not change of daily diet at all. one can still maintain/eat the normal food that one is still consuming (of course that does not mean you can eat tonnes of junk food and still expect yourself to lose weight la)

its is around $105 per box but becuase it is not distributed in singapore yet, can only be bought from distributors. I am one of the distributors so if you are really interested i can help you get their distributor price at $95 instead.

Currently i'm trying them myself too... just bought it myself today... however i'm going to do detoxing first cos this is wat my comapny health consultant is encouraging. detox first... remove all unwanted things from body so that body cells and take up the slimming prodt up better and to reach the maximum effect. am using B&H detox prdt... maybe starting the aboba in weeks time... will update on my progress too... hee

Do contact me directly if you are interested. 93828958 Calista



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hi all,jus sharing my own experiences.
i on a meal replacement programme...i was recommended by my friend and is proved to be effective. i lost 3 kgs in 2 wks,b4 my ROM.

but this meal replacement is not slimmn pill thus it doesnt mean we can still eat oily and fattening stuffs.cutting down on oily stuffs are also good for our own health ma,right?heee

actually this meal replacement has its own program ,the most effective is to replace all 3 meals a day for 6 days…..afterwhich,u jus replace a meal a day if u reach ur desired weight or u wanna maintain.if u wanna lose more,can continue with replacing 3 meals.


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i think taking soupy stuff helps
like noodle soup, fish porridge
so that way, I didn't skip carbo entirely but still maintain my weight

ever ballon to 59kg even after delivering my 1st child.

for my 2nd pregnancy the only carbo intake is bread & porridge (I continue to eat in moderation pork, chicken, fish). no fried stuff

I only put on 7 kg during my 2nd pregnancy and lost all 7 kg the day I deliver baby. baby is 3.2 kg at birth, so effectively I lost weight during my pregnancy because all weight gain is on baby only

now my weight around 52kg+ for my height 161cm. Not exactly very slim but still manage to wear M size


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like to share my weight loss story.. i used to b 86kg.. managed to lose more than 25kg to date.. my achievements.. heehee.. but managed to lose 12kg in 3mths thru a meal replacement diet more confidently coz my weight dint boucned as wat the doc's pills, slimming centres did to me previously.. me now 60kg.. happy wif my weight loss coz i never felt so light b4.. coz i'm heavier when i'm pri 6.. can u imagine how obese i was?

since baby, my parents has been feeding me well.. i eat & eat like there is no tomorrow during puberty.. that's y when i grow up, i gain weight easily even if i dint eat or eat alittle oni..

to lose weight is simple but the maintance is difficult.. that's y after i go thru' the diet plan, i was equipped wif knowledge how to control by myself w/o gaining weight fast.. that's how i maintain those weight loss. i loved food.. cant resist temptation.. but for health & vanity, i did it. happy for myself too..

since young, i'm very conscious of myself & have low self-esteem & confidence. i fear rejection & i stick to my own small circle of friends. i always hide myself in loose & baggy t-shirts & jeans.. but when i slim down.. i suddenly opened myself to new & fashionable clothings.. i can wear watever clothing that i like.. i changed my whole wardrobe to accomodate the new me.. i can stand tall now.. more confidence too.. & i start to enjoy attention from the guys which i dun when i'm fat & ugly.. i like being slim.. & i feel good too.. i like the new me..

my diet tip: avoid carbo. have a high fibre & protein diet. drink more water. hope it is useful..

i hope my story will motivate some of u to lose weight.. i mean those who really need to lose weight.. if u lose ur motivation, u can always write to me at [email protected]


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<font color="ff6000">baby_dollgirl</font>
Were you on Cambridge Diet? Would you be interested to join as CD Counseller to motivate others &amp; earn extra income?


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Hi babydollygal

I'm interested to know what meal replacement you took. Cos i also need to shed some weight.

Thanks alot!!


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Weight loss? How to maintain ideal weight? My story.

Herbalife not only offer meal replacement - plant protein in the form of soya, they also got multi vitamins tablets etc to build a heatlhy lifestyle

I lost weight 'nicely' + took 1 to 2 normal meals (I even go buffet once in a while, ate a lot of meat!!) + tablets/supplements BUT no exercise or any drastic change like simply drink meal replacement. I believe we need to adapt to changes but not DRASTIC/sudden.

From a user, I became a user cum distributor. Not trying to SELL but to share that I believe long term results (healthy diet) is better then short term ... didnt do any exercises (my full time job is desk bound) nor had any flabby after 2 sizes down.

If you have any illness, DONT believe any seller telling u their stuff could cure. Herbalife dont say CURE but promote a healthier living - giving u nutrients to change your body, make u take less calories/fats.

As a user, the results gave me confidence. I like to share my 'findings' but that doesnt mean I want to force ppl to accept. Some ppl took years to accept even though their close partners/family r taking or working for Herbalife! When u decide to accept something, you'll be like me, NO TURNING BACK!


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You can take this Japan brand Nikken's Go Signal to detox and trim down the tummy area. Afterwhich take Nikken's W supplements to burn off fats and also Nikken's Body Mud Masque to firm up the tummy area. As after you trim down, you need to ensure the tummy and other area to remain firm and does not sag there.

Japan brand products always ensure they maintain the high standard in terms of quality and safe to use. Thus this Go Signal will not make you feel weak even after you plush out the impurities.

If interested, can email me [email protected]
For busier people, I think it is important to incorporate some exercise in your daily lives like taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking instead of taking bus for short distance. Cos personally, i don't have time to exercise, all my time is spent working (i hold a full time job) and after work i helped out in my hubby's business. I also have my freelance job to take care of. Barely had time to sleep.

anyway, I believe in the below points to lose and maintain weight:

1) Eliminate Sugars in food and drinks
2) Minimise carbo (go for wholemeal bread etc)
3) Minimise oil (or use olive oil)
4) eliminate fried food and fatty food
5) increase protein intake
6) increase fibre
7) drink more water
8) Move around
9) eat til you are 70% full / eat less
10) have motivation to keep to your diet
11) supplement your diet with at least multivitamins

In the morning, I take cereal with Anlene low fat milk or Low fat high fibre wheat biscuits from Jacobs.
Lunch- soya bean milk powder (no sugar) with oats
Dinner- one tablespoon of rice with homecooked dishes cooked with olive oil. a few pieces of fruits.
I lost 3 kg in 1.5mths
If you are hungry between meals, drink low fat milk / one or two low fat wheat biscuits
Do not skip meals.


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I agree with strawberryangels that it is essential to incorporate exercise routine into your busy schedule. When I was in my teens, my classmates teased me being fat. So I was determined to lose weight when I hit 19 years old. Now manage to keep weight under control and is happy with my current built.

But of course, I'm quite into exercising to burn off calories.


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To maintain weight-loss is hard work. One must be disciplined enough to do it. I'd put on pregnancy pounds of 23kgs. My original weight was 50kgs. Slimming centres don't work for me. I'd been there done that, and still the same. Cambridge diet also a fad, made me constipated.
Now, the only thing that works for me is a low-calorie diet. You'll need to buy a 'Counting your Calories' book. To begin shedding your kilos, you'll need to maintain your daily calorie count at 2000cal everyday until you'd shed your desired weight. By maintaining this calorie count daily, it will turn to your other energy source (Fat Storage) to burn off kilos. And besides maintaining your 2000 calorie diet, you'll need to exercise and cut-down or cut-out on high fat, high sugar diet. After a year on a low-calorie diet, i'd managed to shed 20kgs. Nobody can lose 20kgs in a month. That's a Crash diet. Not healthy way of losing weight.


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Hi All

So much about maintaining weight...can I just ask one question.

When we achieve a slim figure, but at times, we find our face turned haggard,but if we try to put on some weight, all the bottom area, arms and tummy will appear...how do you gals cope?thanks


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I used to weigh 65kg, standing at 165cm, 8yrs back. However, intensive exercising and "eat only when hungry" diet saw me thru losing weight to 46kg. I never tried any form of slimming aid products as im afraid the results wont be lasting. In addition, I still eat kfc once in awhile.

I wouldnt say i didn gain weight over the yrs, now i weigh apprx 50kg. however, there was a period of time when my weight dropped to 45kg. I dont exercise, but still continue to eat the food that I like (fried food especially.

However, my method is to eat only when im hungry and weigh myself almost everyday to make sure my weight maintains. if i had too much food these few days, i'll try to cut down the following days. sort of like balancing out. My advice is: you do not have to curb yourself from eating food that you like, but make sure that its well balanced and eat only when hungry!


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Hi. I was around 65kg at my heaviest (10 years ago) and I am consistently 50kg for the last 8 or 9 years. I went through an active period of sports/gym, that's how i kick start my weight loss. I did not try slimming prodiucts as I am allergic to various medications.

These days, I try my best to avoid carbo after 7pm. I go for soups at night. I am a junk food junkie so I still eat my chips and drink my coke.;-) But the key really is moderation and be on the move! And I find that weighing myself daily helps. And remember to keep up with your facials, etc.


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hi gals...

mi kinda new here... wanted to loss weight so much aft my delivery but i cant lose weight at all.. mi at 70.7kg with flabby tummy i tried to exercise 3 time a week yet its not helping me.. and my friend intro me herbalife i taking it as a meal replacement twice a day (morning and night) after taking it for 2 mths i only lost 2kg.. now my weight 68kg and its not working on my body like others... my friend lost abt 5kg in 2mths ... but i feel this supplements is working on skin better i feel my skin and my face look better more lively yah...


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hi everyone,

juz wanna do a small sharing with u. my cousin went for acupuncture slimming at marine parade and she see visible results in the 2nd week. to my surprise, she shed off 4kg in the 1st month. after her 3 month course, she lose total of 14kg.

its really amazing that i have never imagine. but its really good to see the new her. i can tell that she seems to be more confident now than before who usually quiet. as her cousin, i really feel proud and happy for her bcoz of her strong determination and seeing her looking good. and even now her mum is taking up the course. ha.... its safe and effective. and the most important factor, its not expensive at all.

not like those other slimming places who keep on asking u to sign this and that. they will tell u wat u need and u sign once and no more. they dun hardsell at all. if u want a fast effect within 3months at affordable price, i guess this is the best place.

if anyone r keen, can e-mail me. i can ask my cousin to arrange to share how she did it. [email protected], pls put on subject (cousin slimming). enjoy slimming and looking good.