Who is worst off


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I was having this light hearted chat with my best friend who is also my childhood friend of 30 years.
She is 41, single, financially sound and I am 41, divorced with 2 kids, financially sound too.
I told her my 2 kids drives me up the wall and drains my energy dry although they are certainly my source of strength and motivation. She insist the freedom and carefreeness keeps her at ease, happy and burden free but revealed there are certain moments of loneliness that's unbearable especially in the silence of night. She claimed I am having the worst of the deal as I have to deal with the children shit without the contentment of a complete family. I then scorned her by telling her I will have a better life when they grow up rather then wondering who's going to bring me to the doc when I am 60 years old! She then suggested we be partners in companionship for the rest of our lives! ( of course that's a joke )


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i don't think any of you girls are 'worse off'. both scenarios come with its own ups and downs.
end of the day, so long the person is happy that should be the most important?

the only difference I see here is you still have some companion (i.e. from the kids) while your best friend doesn't (assuming she stays alone facing 4 walls in her room every night). that said, companion can still be found in family and friends which I believe you are already feeling that void since she's single and you are bestie? anyway, just me 2c, lah.