who is the REAL FRIEND for us

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Shedonyourlight, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Shedonyourlight

    Shedonyourlight New Member

    Just wonder what friend are for. When they needs our helps we are the one helping them. When it our turn for help they will ignore us.

    This few weeks i been contacting close friend for Jiemei. I have 2 buddy who knew them since primary sch! It more then 10 year friend! I thought it should be no problem asking them. Know what! In the end only 1 agree! The other one keep finding all kind of excuse. She even ask me to call my mother's sister to be my jiemei! Am so fed up!

    Then there is another friend whom just ROM 2 year back. On her big day, she asked me if i can be her witness. Without any thinking i agree. Yesterday i call her. Asking if she can be my Jiemei. The answer back is, now she is very fat and she don't know what jiemei sld do. She only agree to come for my banquet. Why she gain weight and can't be my jiemei! Damm excuses!

    So far, now i only found one Jiemei for my actual day. Am so fed up. I could not even find anyone for my actual day. On times when we need help, then we will know who is the REAL FRIEND for us.

  2. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    These people who refuse you when was last time you met up?
  3. arsenal_84

    arsenal_84 Member

    well this kind of thing is subjective one, you help them out once and next time you need their help they become unavailable then is probably time to cut losses.
    life is too short to spend your attention on certain friends when they no longer want to be part of your life.
    if you are in their thoughts, they will make an effort to keep in touch else some of these so called friends just drift apart.
  4. spamfries80

    spamfries80 New Member

    Same. I have close friends giving excuses not to be my Jiemei even though I readily accepted their request for help. Time to move on and focus on those who really cherish your friendship.

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