Who got SHOUTED at work?


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diff gender don't makes the differ la. Man will get verbal abused by female bosses and feel embarrassed too.
Female bosses's swearing and cussing is even more crude, they will scream at the top of their head.


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i'm amazed, i guess u should work in disneyland or something... some place where everyone is nice, ask how's your day n give u yearly promotions


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why are you and your friend so immature? what they say just reinforces lowly thinking. they may be 'on your side' and could even 'wish you well'. but neither of this can negate the fact that what they say is stupid.

i think your boss would probably have laughed in your face if you said that to him.

you think MOM is so free to take up your petty complaint?

even if MOM would bother with you, the MOM staff attending to you would probably laugh at you behind your back for being so childish and petty as to make a mountain out of a molehill.

did your boss insult you in non-work-related areas, insult your body or sexuality or your family members, or anything like that? he did not! as long as the content of his flare-up is still work related, he has done nothing out of the line

so do you think it is in your best interest to threaten him? from the way you describe it, it is so obvious that you still think that there is reward in winning a war of words and you still think that "not losing face" is paramount. you still think that your colleagues care what he did to you and you still think that your self-image vests in what you believe your colleagues think of you (trust me they arent thinking about you at all, not as if they got nothing better to do)

you dont know the meaning of quiet dignity. i guess this cannot be taught, this can only be learnt personally.


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There was once my immediate manager disagreed with the way I communicated about an issue. Kind of suggested that it was as good as lying. It was some issue that I had escalated promptly and fixed. In the global communication, I made no mention of all the details. To me, its enough for the management to know. No need to alert the field since everything is resolved. My experience tells me to be extremely careful with the different regional teams. Once they sense any issue with a product, they would use all kinds of political reasons to avoid deploying the product for the longest time. Effectively, it reduces the margin and give supply chain problems sustaining old inventory such for their customers, but as they have the best asp, they normally have the most power to reject and oppose marketing product planning.

There is no need to have anything nasty, I just wrote him an email explaining the facts and sequence of event. And I offered him the option for me to resend an email global to highlight the point if he wanted. After, he just called me to apologize. And that's about it.

No need to bear grudges and threats in the work place. Differing styles and interpretations sure to occur. There will be frictions. Don't need to make it a personal battle.
TS, I think your boss must have been like the below mentioned.

"When u got the position and no one is controlling u. u tends treat people as dust.
and anyone who u see not happy. u will shout, make people miserable and u care nothing more about it. maybe u didn't even notice when people say bad about u, or the whole office say bad about u. maybe u feel great when people do that because it prove your power exisitance."

"you have climbed so high up by steping, sabotaging so many people in the company. in the end u got the wealth and power to even break someone rice bowl and that give u so much joy."

that's the boss why so thinking. shouting at you and humilating you is just part of her life. she love to do it, finding apportunity to do it.

being shouting and screwed by almost every tom dick or henry who is now laying in the grave rotten and forgetten by all living human being... she now take vengence on the younger, innocent being and that make her become happier. if given a chance to shout back at those who had shouted at her before." those who is dead or too old to hear"... she will gladly do it. no mercy,

that's the way of your boss.. too bad u have such a boss...


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some of u guys should read up more on human behaviours, read up on eq, and meet more pple...

the ability to read pple is absolutely disgusting. very low level, i get this feeling that u are aunties working in econ minimart.


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i can only guess... first part says something like we are together becos we are samw humankind, second part says we group, therefore we split?