Whitening my teeth. where?


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hi all, i'm having my wedding next month. very embarrassed as my teeth are very yellowish. i noticed that when i tried on bride gown.
. any advice on which cosmetic dentist to go to?

I googled and found Dr H C Leong Dental Surgeon at Central, quite nearby my workplace. Any reviews on his whitening expertise?

any thoughts?



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I have been using AP24 for 2 years now and everytime I give them as gifts, people will just stick to this brand, its patented 24 hrs protection against plague and it is whitening as well. No harm trying only $14, can contact me at 81125176


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Hi Elims,
you have the same problem as me! My teeth are yellow becos I'm a coffee addict and polishing doesnt seem to help at all. I'm having my pre-wedding ps in 2 mths' time, headache...

My friend recommeded me Victoria Dentalcare. She paid only $350 for the take-home kit with customised trays and cld see results in 2 wks! Heard that the dentist really sit down to discuss with you ur expectations and doesnt hard-sell anything...I'm thnking of making an appt. Maybe you can join me?


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I've used a lot of teeth whitening products and the colgate tooth whitener didn't really work for me. I'm currently living in the states and the drugstore brands of teeth whiteners actually work really well for me. I'm currently taking orders for Crest White 3D professional effects and seeing if i can ship it to Singapore. If anyone is interested in it, I have thread going on in the marketplace section under others. Look for "Crest White" and you're bound to find it! (You can google the product, it is one of the best take home kits around)


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hi guys

There are many ways to apply teeth whitening, and one of them is Over-The-Counter whitening gel - or "OTC" gel for short. Results usually start to happen around 1 - 3 weeks.

The other teeth whitening is "brush-on tooth whitening paste". Basically, you brush your teeth as you would any other time, but only this contains the tooth whitening formula. Results occur around 1 - 2 weeks.


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Hi all
Before you do any whitening you should do a normal scaling and polishing to remove the stains. It may look much brighter after that! If the colour still is not what you want, then you can consider tooth whitening in a dental clinic. Be wary of what some clinics used though! check with the clinic the equipment and gel used to make sure it is authentic and good! Else you may get sensitive teeth/ gums or worse damage your teeth.

You can consider The Dental Pearl, One Raffles Link (South), #01-03, Tel 62380268.

Uses Opalescence 36% gel with Zoom whitening. Did it on my teeth in Jan 2010 and it was very comfortable and pain-free.

Results can last for 2 years on average. Good for ppl who want to have lasting whitening results for ROM, prewedding and actual day like me. hehe. i just finished my actual day n my teeth still look pearly white!


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I bought some whitening products from dental clinic and my teeth lightens 3 shades after using for a year on and off. letting go at more than half price, u can get a piece from me to try out first no harm. I paid $480 for first time to do the cleaning, impression and the whitening kit.lettin go at 10+ each only.
just saw this old thread. just wanted to suggest Neo Smiles coz I just did my teeth whitening down there. Very fast, less than one hour, and my teeth are several shades whiter than before. http://neosmiles.com.sg/dental-services/teeth-whitening/

Now just need to lose another 20 lbs within the next 6 months...
thanks for all the recommendations! and haha yeah slimming is impt too.. care to share what you are doing to lose weight now?