White Gold (WG) vs Platinum (PL)

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading up on White Gold (WG) vs Platinum (PL). And so far, I have yet to reach a conclusion.

    Many websites and all local boutiques say PL is harder than WG. Then for PL, there are different "grades" such as PT1000 and PT950. Website says PT1000 is not as good as PT950. PT950 is harder b'cos 95% is PL while the remaining 5% is other metal such as iridium. This makes PT950 harder than a PT1000. But boutiques such as GoldHeart and SooKee says otherwise. They even sell PT1000 at a higher price compared to PT950. On the Internet however, the feeling I get is that they are promoting PT950.

    Now, to add to the confusion. Some say WG is harder than PL! My own conlusion here is that probably WG is harder than PT1000. But PT950 or PT900 is harder than WG.

    So lets discuss about this and get it rite for us consumer once and for all. Lets share our research What's ur take and research on this?

    Also any comments on Titanium rings?

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    I myself opted for PL950 for my engagement ring. Here are some points to consider:

    1. PL is allergy free, WG has other metal mixed so might cause reaction on some. I have allergy reaction to jewelry sometimes so I chose to play safe.
    2. PL does not fade while WG fades over time and turns yellowish and requires maintenance. PL forms patina which some people likes, and some don't.
    3. PL is sometimes more expensive, that's because in a same ring, there is 95% PL while for WG there is only about 54% gold.
    4. When scratch, gold is gone while PL shifts. When PL shifts it can be reshaped while gold is scratched off, gone.
    5. Both can be polished. WG can be "recoated".
    6. Pure gold is softer than PL as Gold is the most malleable metal, but most gold jewelry we see are not pure gold. They are mixed with other metals. So this makes PL softer than "gold". So if you want something tougher than PL, go for 14k Gold. 18K gold is more valuable, but of course more gold = more malleable.

    Conclusion, scientifically PL is harder than gold, pure gold. But we don't (more like can't afford) buy pure gold jewelries. So whether WG or yellow gold is harder than PL or not depends on how pure your gold is. The less pure the harder and cheaper it is. The more pure the softer but more valuable.

    Hope this helps.

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