White Bridal Gown for sale (Beautiful Love Boutique)


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I got this gown from Beautiful Love Boutique which closed down this year. I was one of the affected brides.
This is a really intricate gown with a lot of details which I thought I could wear for my banquet however I got the wrong size. It comes with a very long train very suitable for pre- wed shoot and banquet. Under lighting it has the glistening look because of the details underneath the mash on the bottom of the dress.

I believe this is meant for a UK 14-16 size dress. For this gown to be altered down you can bring the gown down to Far East Plaza tailors on level 5 for them to quote you accordingly but price range starts from $100 for alterations.

If you would like to come by for a non obligatory fitting can be arranged also at my place.
Happy to let this go at SGD888Nett, price is negotiable for fast deals. :)


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