Which Travel Agent is Good for Group Tour ???


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Hi There,

I would to book a group tour to Korea .
However may i know which Travel Agt have good comment ?

Eg : Chan Brothers / SA(UIC) / CTC / Tradewinds

which of the above is the best or worst.
Appreciate if you all can share your experiences... tks


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Hi Cynthia

Want to try.. Ananda travel??

been with them twice once for an Australia trip another on Korea trip... very very good services


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Hi Cynthia,

SA(UIC) groups usually ve more of the elderly..
But their accomodation is better..

I've been to Korea in 2003.. i signed up with Genting Tours.. the agency in bukit timah.. u can also c their ad in newspaper.. affordable price..


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Thanks cp & Jen.

Cp, can you pls advise for SA(UIC) if there is more elderly, then will the whole trip slow down or less interesting cos those elderly dun ?

And Jen, Tell me abt your korea exp with ananda can ?


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Any comments on service of Commonwealth Travel? Thinking of booking their Europe package to Switzerland, Paris & London... Price of $3500 steep?


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Hi Kevin,

SA also have the Europe Package ti Switzerland, Paris and London. Do check it out. This include a trip to Mount Titlis, which CTC don't have.


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hi kevin,
the price to the europe package u mentioned is abt tat range....juz check out the itneraries n compare among the agencies.....i've booked wif SA


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dun mind me kay poh.... i travelled to korea with hong thai and it's good... my family had a great time. u might like to check that agency out


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for those who have been to Korea, do you think its ok for free and easy?

and, any recommendation for accomodation and attractions?


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We went with Hong Thai to South Korea in Mar 04. Then, it was the cheapest and best valued package around. The food, esp. BBQ pork was good. We enjoyed ourselves most in Jeju Island, we strongly encourage you include it in your itinerary.

My PIL and their friends went with Hong Thai to Taiwan in July 05. They selected Hong Thai because of their cheaper prices and came back satisfied.

In general, Hong Thai seems a good bet for travel to HK, Japan, S.Korea and Taiwan.

For Thailand, Focal offers competitive packages.

However, I would prefer to go F&E to Australia/NZ and choose the larger tour agencies for travel to the Middle East and Europe as I trust that these larger and more established outfits have more experience and better contacts with local partners with their tours.


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Hi everyone

Care to share your experience in Switerland or Paris? I plan to tour Switerland and Paris in Feb next year... Have found out the initinery from SA (UIC) tour agency. It will be a 10 days tour package ard $2560 per person. Is the price abit too steep?


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I have heard complain even from the most famous agency such as Chan brothers etc..

sometimes really have to depend on luck as the local agents cannot control their countries partners to some extend...

does not mean branded always = good experience and service


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To me, the tour guide leading your group made the difference.

Me and my colleague signed the same package and same agency but different departure date so different local tour guide. Her tour guide pressured her and her family to buy things.

So really depend on our luck.


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I always chose big tour agency....more safer and more secure i feel.

My 2 cents is chose the agency is famous for the country. e.g Korea - Hong Thai. China - CTC or SA.


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Dear brides to be,

I have a 2 person Chan Brothers holiday package East Hokkiado Romance for 2008 6th Feb to 12th Feb travelling by ANA morning flight.

It has been paid with deposit of 1.6k Each pax is paying $2425, inclusive of airport taxes, package & flight. No other costs to be added. Anyone interested in this package, please do drop me a msg here and I will get bk to u on the details. As my bf & I had some communication breakdown, I cannot bear to see the deposit forfeited for nothing.

So, anyone considering your honey moon in Hokkaido 2008, it will be snowing. Pls do consider.

Thank you

Celine Tan