Which one will you choose first?


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As above...

Which one will you choose first?
Dinner???? o.o"

as in holding a banquet?

i will go for HDB; banquet serves no purpose and meaning to me.


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Ill go for the banquet. Is all about experiences not possessions. It's a one in a life time event. You might be bored when attending friends wedding , trust me is a diff thing when you the one getting married.

I'm a guy so you know we at best luke lukewarm on banquets. But my bride was so excited and after some time I got excited too. It helps also that my wife has tons of really good friends who truly wish us well and had zero problems getting help.

Then again I think it does reflect a little on a person and the quality of relationships one has if on your happiest day few want to join and share in your happiness.

Then again people are different.i myself have few close friends but I locked them in early on to be my brothers. That's why I guess it pays to be discerning on who you choose to be your friends.

Kathy Meow

U could have both
But just take more time
I personally already to the third comment.

Wedding reception is one life time experience that u can go through. It’s also a test for your relationship to plan, coordinate n a lot of compromise.
Money can earn back but this opportunity won’t come again


Hi there,

I would go for both given the choice again. HDB yes, you'd get a roof over you & have your ass covered, a place to stay. But wedding is once in a lifetime, you wouldn't wanna grow old & look back at your younger days, nor have any regrets on not holding a wedding banquet. It's also in the expectation of parents to tell th world their child is getting married.. which parents don't want that? It's a heart-warming event & like th above, money can be earned, but you can't earn back an opportunity like this. Unless you decide to wed a 2nd or 3rd time.. ;)


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I go for hdb, banquet later. I think for this generation, most of our parents are still very bent on having banquet. Although i do have some relatives are okay with no banquet. For me la, i am ok with my future kid not having banquet and customs. I feel bride price is like selling daughter.