Which Furniture Company is good


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Anyone has any good recommendations?

So far, I got my bed from Picket & Rail. From the showroom, it's pretty good. Friends have used it & recommended it.

Still looking for others like dining table, Sofa, coffee table etc......


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I've been to Harvey Norman recently. It has very nice quality leather sofas which are quite expensive.


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Hi Trekker,

My two cents' worth... Think about the style and theme of your house and then narrow down to those shops that sell furniture fitting to your style...

For us, we went to those shops that fits our country-style theme...


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Hi All,
im back to furniture too... post a thread but no response. So sad?
im looking for a good one as well, any comments?


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Hi Kiki,
just wonder.. how was the service u had at IMM? mine was not so good. being served by a lady. Seems to hate me when i ask for measurement. Who served u?


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Hi Annabella

You may like to try Zen Tradition. Despite its name, its furniture can be quite contemporary.


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Hi Cutie

I recommend the outlets at IMM and 22 Kallang Ave. The salesmen are patient and not pushy.


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hi all,

anyone noe where to find variety of study/computer desk? been to a few places (IMM, ikea, furniture mall), but choice is very limited.


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Just my 2cents worth,

For sofa, dining table, couches .. etc. Go try out Lami @ Great World City and also OM Furniture (under Nobel) Joo Seng Road. I personally found what i was looking for at these two shops.


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hi, if you wish to hunt for furniture, just remember NOT to go to Bernini , they have a branch in IMM building and another at Lavender.


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I agree that do not go bernini. I bought mine from furniture club and is pleased with their service and good. Look for this guy call Marcus


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I heard that Lami has closed down. I am in the midst of sourcing for furniture for my new place. I went back to Great World City only to find that they are no longer there.

It is a shame because they have very nice pieces . My bed has been with me for 5 yrs ... and it is still good.

Their prices are not too cheap though. 6 yrs ago, their beds range from 1.4K to abt 4K - just for the bed frame.


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Hi MeAgain,

Furniture club has a branch at Sun Plaza (Sembawang). But it is rather small, mainly showcase sofa sets.


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I feel i have the need to let everyone here know..

If any of u wld like to purchase furnitures at IMM (Jurong East), BEWARE of these 3 shops: 1 shop under the name DE ANGELI & 2 shops under the name ST. LOUISE.. Previously, this 3 shops are call WAH HENG INTERIOR.. They have changed their name few weeks ago.. [Perhaps they knew that their reputation is real smelly] They are all under the same management group.. I heard there's another sister co. called RITZ RAYMEN.. But im not sure the location..

If anyone wish to patronise these shops, do check out the WAH HENG thread b4 comitting.. Can u imagine they took more than 3mths to deliver just my custom-made wardrobe & custom-made system plaform bed???? Wrong design, wrong measurement, defect board, incomplete fabric for the bed, cock up delivery, irresponsible ppl, cunning ppl...etc etc etc..

I have written part of my story in that thread.. On top of that, there's several angry victims suffered as well..

I can say i pay money to buy not only furniture but also frustration & time cost!!


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Have you visited Kaki Bukit areas?

There are some furniture shops there and they are quite competitive in their prices and very good services.

You may want to try out Home Themes where they have very good home furnishing ideas and good sofa and mattresses products. Their contact is 67493601.


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Hi all,

My relatives had given me Brighton vouchers. We have used up quite a number of them and we still have 20 pieces of $50 vouchers left.

Do PM me if you are interested to buy Brighton furnitures at a lower price, using these vouchers.=-)

Do let me know how many vouchers you would like to buy and the price you offer.

Here's the locations of Brighton Furniture Stores:
1 Sungei Kadut Crescent (Tel: 6269 5009)
72 Geylang Lor 23 (Tel: 6744 6443)
Blk 201 Henderson Industrial Park #01-06 & #02-06 (Tel: 6276 0116)

Thanks! =)


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Maybe you all can check out the shop at serangoon central.They have a wide range of furniture and mattresses but can only see catalogs.I find their prices quite competitive.


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Anyone knows where to get modern style of furniture as recently got my new house's key and going to renovate my home to modern design...


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hi mysterious, i just bought my sofa and mattress from home2Be at liang court, you can look for their sales man, mr jack who is patient and reasonale price le.


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I got my furniture from Morris Lifestyle at 31 Admiralty Road. Nice morden designer furniture. Can take a look there.


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i got my furniture thru my id at nobel
design hse. OM furniture, they're actually subsidiaries of nobel.
reviews from forumers at this website
seems not bad as well.
tat's y when i engaged my id, i got him to bring
us over to have a look. surprising not very ex
and quality quite good.


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HOME2BE has ceased operations in SGP. OM might follow suit...

If you have bought something from them and have not received your items yet, I advise you to give them a call quick before even the warehouse closes down...


Hi all,

Just to share.. If u keen in getting reasonable priced mattress & bed, can email to [email protected]. Thru a fren's recommendation, i managed to help my bro buy a mattress set at a good price, cheaper than retail stores.. ;) Bt u have to provide them wf the brand and model u are looking for. Cheers..


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you can try Lifeshop at Balestier area, for modern furniture. Reasonable price.
if you have higher budget, go look Xtra at Park Mall, nice showroom and good quality furniture


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Try Amishcountryfurnishings.com. It is a local business, yes it is really Amish made product, and the owner is a decent fellow. He used to do custom design too, I think, but I am not sure that is still true.
He will ship anywhere in the USA.
Good luck, hope his designs are what you are looking for.