Which Bridal Package include all Negatives and all Samples Return to customer


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I am looking for a Bridal Boutiques whom their package include all negatives and all samples return to customer. Please advise


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Hi Lily,

You can actually negotiate this with the Bridal Shop when you sign up for the package. Try and get it as part of the package - to be given FOC (if your total pkg price hit certain value or by paying a small token)

For me, the Bridal shop wanted to "sell" me the negatives and sample photos @ $500.00 as my total pkg price is $4500. The shop is giving away the negatives and samples FOC if the pkg hits min $7000.

I find it too expensive and did not take up the offer.


i think so

If I remember correctly, I think you can try Bridal Veil... they tie up with Chris Ling and Studio D'fia... Chris and Kim will return all photos taken in the form of a CD.


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Hi, if you go for bridal studios which work with external photographers, you should be able to get the negatives and index prints back at a much lower top-up cost. Even extra photos cost cheaper than that from in-house photographers.


hi checkitout,

may i know how much did imagegarden charge? do they take for actual day only or for photoshoot and actual day?


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sweetpie, Focus at Imm has it as part of their package.. m friend is having the BV package with Chris ling and she can't get the negatives back even if she pays


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Hi Chris,

Chris ling uses digital camera - therefore no negatives! Your fren ought to have received ALL the photos in digital files in a CD-Rom - all pics are returned, and a set of print out proofs which you can take home after you select their photos! No extra $ is required, it's part of the basic package.

I supposed there's a mixed up here?


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I read from a Photographer Magazine that apparently photos stored on CD's dont last and it is better still to have hard copy by way of negatives. Bec the photos on CD will degrade with time as well as speedy computer technological advancements, in time it will be replaced be stg else more superior so negatives, which is the best form of hard copy (bec it is the original original) is best. Does anyone know if this is true?? Any photographers out there?


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Lily, Robin (Robin Photography) returns all negs and proofs. We booked him through Silhouette, but you can book him ad hoc or through other boutiques as well.


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Hi Priviledged

i am interested in Robin Photography, what do u think of his photography? did u also engage him for your AD?



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Hi Ming,
We really liked the results of Robin's work. Our friends commented that the whole look and feel of the album was very relaxed and easy and they all liked it too.

The best thing is to go into his studio and look at his portfolio to judge for yourself. You can also tell him if you want a certain feel to your album.

We did not engage him for our AD so we don't really know what his AD work is like.


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Read from another thread Everbliss studio wil return negatives if you get their more expensive package
maybe you can check out the thread by doing a search .. good luck!


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hi pup..

How much is amanda package do you have any idea? i think they have a new promotion with a cheong sam in the package right?



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Hi Ling,

Yipe, if i rem correctly, it's the cheongsum package. Think it's $5680 or $5880. Amanda's nice, you can call and ask her.


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Hi xiaodingdang,

Sanmike bridal shop returns all 3R photos and negative to you. This is part of their package. You can look at their website for more info.
Hope this helps


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Hi Jas, u should check out and negotiate with them before u sign.
But anyway, its over...dun think so much...as long as u are happy with the photos and the gowns...


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<font color="aa00aa">hey all,

my BS J&amp;M allow me to take my back all negatives n samples fotos if u upgrade to magz style album.
if nv upgrade also can take back bt only settled fotos negatives n samples fotos.</font>


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Hello all

Anyone has any idea if WhiteLink, French Bridal or Yvonne creative returns the negative of PS?


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Hi Erushi, u can try JB bridal shop, becoz
usually BS will return if you take those expensive package or when u top up additional poses. Think twice, at JB u spend in Ringgit ya !! RM4000 package => SGD 1680 only !!

I did signed up mine at JB as well. If u wan info, PM me.


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Hi Erushi,
I signed up with this Photographer, Linn Kong, she is giving me back all negatives on the fotos taken, 1 big frame, 2 table top and 1 20pgs album (10 x montage pg &amp; 10 x full pg) @ $1650


Dear all,

Bridal De Couture will give you back all the photos u took during photoshoot you took in the CD ROM if you top up another extra 30pose from them (95 per pc) but they will give a 50% discount too.


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Hi all BTB,

plis help okay..
i really want to get all my PS negatives back from my BS.. but i don't have enough $ to do so.. my BS offered me a way to get all my negatives back at no cost.. which is to reccommend another 3 couples to sign up their package.. they're really not bad.. will post my photos up when i get them..


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Hi Hi all,

I am sooo tired to shop further for BS. I shortlisted Precious Moments Bridal and White Link.

Any comments or good recommendations?


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I got all my pics back in soft copy, there were 600+ of them, all photoshopped
PM me if you want to see my package from Bridal Affairs