Where to have wedding dress alteration?

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Hi girls,

Any suggestions where to get my wedding dress professionally altered with an affordable budget? As
any other bride, the wedding dress is precious to me. I just want it to be cut short but it may be intricate as the vera wang gown's lining seems a bit tricky.

Hope you can help me!
Thanks so much!


Hi I just went to ZiYi (3rd floor) at far east and I would say the auntie is v friendly and the prices are very reasonable. I tailored the sides to be smaller and it costs me $80. :)


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May I know where in Chinatown are the alteration done?
Would love to help my gf alter her wedding gown.

Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone, I went to Dee Alteration at Far East Plaza. The aunties are really friendly, affordable and helpful. Able to do the minor alterations I wanted (make a sheath gown mermaid cut, and fit my size + create a nicer silhouette out of a dramatic evening gown).

She's on the 2nd floor. Not affiliated at all, just helping since I was unable to find information myself regarding alterations.


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Hi there,

You could try Clancy Boutique Alteration Centre at Far East Plaza. #04-89.

The ladies there are very helpful as my gown was a bit more complex to alter. They would come up with many suggestions and keep wanting to ensure that the alteration job would flatter your figure on your big day.


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Hi, I purchased my dress separately and got it altered at a La Belle bridal studio and it was very affordable! You can try contacting Lucas at La Belle in Tanjong Pagar.