Where to get nice tube dress


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Anyone can help to advice where can I get nice tube dress? Best if I can get it less than $100. Is there such lobang?


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u can try marina sq... i was walking along 2nd flr and saw a shop selling nice dresses... cant rem the name though.


hi may i got a silver satin dress i have never worn before, bought it for ROM but got it from BS.
bought at $150 , willing to let go cheap at $60 cos never touch it since
u interested? can leave down email


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Hi Jace,

I think u can try tailoring instaed of buying off the racks. more special too. And abt $80 at most tailoring shops
Can try those at far east plaza.


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hi, you can try Just. the dresses prices are quite ok. one of the outlet is at tampines century square. they have branches elsewhere but not sure where


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I have a tube dress from Daniel Yam Studio with size "M" to let go.. I bought it in mid of Jun07 for my ROM last month. Its the latest design when I bought it. Just wore it once and its in good conditon.. I'm selling it at $128.

Attached herewith the photo for your viewing..
You may try the dress at the shop as it is still available..

Anyone interested, please PM or email me at [email protected]..