Where to get nice durian puff ?


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Hi guys,

my friend asked me to buy 727 durian puff for her since i'm visiting her counttry this sat.

Does anybody hv their number?

any other nice durian puff in sg?


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how about getting from goodwood park? they have realli nice durian puffs. Citibank cardholders have 15% discount.


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ya, my gf told me that too,

Maybe i shall give it a try tomorrow


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I think the durian puffs at Puteri Mas along joo chiat road are the best.

But it must be consumed within the same day.


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ah... i need to fly it over...
but.. will give the joo chiat one a try someday...

hope the smell doesn't come out in the plane
suntec foodcourt also have.. i tink it is the 727 durian puff..

u wan to bring on flight, u have to put in many layers of plastic & maybe seal with masking tape..


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Hi Nellie & Jhoo
I heard quite abit about Puteri Mas durian puffs. Do you have the address to that shop? Thanks!


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Puteri Mas is the best! It's also the cheapest among it's competitors. Unlike other durian puff in the market. You must try their durian cake too. Heavenly! Puteri Mas
475 Joo Chiat Rd Tel :6344 8629


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call 727 (located at Highland Centre) at 64872777.

order $100 worth of products and delivery is free
if its more than $50 then i think delivery is $4
less than $50 then delivery is $5

not too sure about it

the durian puff is very nice. $3.30 for a pack of 6. But pls remember not to leave it inside your car otherwise u'll have to throw away the puff.


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i think there's one in the Tekka (i think it's Foodmore) somewhere near little india and behind Bugis , there's a stall selling creamy durian puff, quite nice. i think for the price and quality, better deal than goodwood park. however, it's nice to have durian puff and a cup of nice earl grey tea in the lounge there, hee hee...


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hi, if you live nearby, there's some temp stalls selling durian puffs at tiong baru plaza, 1st floor. i'm not a durian fan, though, so can't say whether they're good


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i've tried emicakes, angels, the joo chiat, and 727 before.
personally, i think joo chiat and 727 are the best. but if i had to choose, it'll be 727
that one sedap.


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Emi cakes durain puffs ( Downtown East) are great in the flavour of the durian cream, but Good wood's park hotel's durain puffs has got realli good durian puffs with good bread and filling.


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it definately gotta be from EMI CAKE. Please buy the ultimate durian puff!! best!!!! damn goooddddddd.....


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durian roll... super nice.... heard they use D24 durian from thailand... but quite exp....
one roll ard palm length for $6 i think