Where to get mum dress


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Hi all BTB,

I have an evening dress for mum. she wore it only once in the evening on my wedding day in March 2010. New design. this dress is versatile, the shaw is attached to the dress in the way where u can have many many ways to tie it. if ur mum has a bigger arm, or bigger tummy, there are different method to cover it. of cos, if she has a gd figure, she could tie the shaw to show off her arm or neckline
Size is for: M~M++. height for: 150~160cm. Now selling at an affordable price. If u r interested and for more details, you may email me at: [email protected]



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smilem (smilem)> My mum is not tall, below 155cm (n not slim). I brought her to go to a CS shop in JB, she tried a short CS, wow! better than what we expected o! But there is limited choice of colour, the staff then suggested us to go to JB City Square main outlet. May bring her there next wk/mth, price range abt RM159 (S$69).


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I bought 2 CS from dhgate for my mum, good quality but the size... I bought 2 xxl but one can fit in, one cannot (although internet mentioned size is same). However overall still quite satisfy, quite cheap (but have to wait abt 2-3wks).
my mum also very plump due to water retention.
i find until xiao .. xxxl at amk hub so sell.. the price is very affordable.only less than $80 dollars ....

at basement ...